Home Heating Efficiency Calculator

Calculate the relative efficiency of your home by comparing the square footage of your home with how much energy you use to heat your home (converted to British Thermal Units – BTUs).

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  1. Determine the amount of each type of fuel your home uses for heating in one year and enter it below. (TIP: Look at your old bills or call your fuel dealer)
  2. Determine the square footage of your home. (TIP: call your town assessor will have this information if you do not)

The form will AUTOMATICALLY calculate:

  • ***YOUR HOME’s Total Annual BTU Usage***
  • ***YOUR HOME’s BTUs per Square Foot***

Interpreting Your Results

  • < 30,000 BTUs/sqft – you have a relatively efficient home
  • > 30,000 BTUs/sqft – you probably have numerous cost effective opportunities to improve your home’s efficiency, such as sealing air leaks, adding insulation and upgrading the efficiency of your heating system

Several issues affect how much energy you use to heat your home, including how leaky the building is, the amount of insulation it has, the efficiency of the heating system, and the actions you take to conserve energy (turning down thermostats, closing storm windows, etc.).

Visit EfficiencyVermont.org or NHSaves.com to find tips and programs for reducing the energy used to heat your home.