What's Happening with our Alumni

Leadership Upper Valley Alumni

Class of 2016

Addy Mae Williams, Mascoma Savings Bank
Ayeshah  Al-Humaidhi, VINE
Brent Edgerton, Kendal at Hanover
Christopher Coughlin, Dartmouth Printing
Cynthia Twombly, West Central Behavioral Health
Daniel  McCarthy, Sage Dining Services
Diane Reinhardt, COVER
Elizabeth Long, Twin Pines Housing Trust
Emily Rogers,  Hanover Consumer Co-op
Frank Gould, Mascoma Greenway Coalition
Georgie Sawyer, David’s House
Irene Green, Northern Stage
Jeremy Coylewright, WISE
Jessie Farnham,  Frazer Insurance Agency
Kyle Fisher, Listen Community Services

Lindsey Klecan
Lyn  Miller, Our Hybrid Lives, LLC
Margaret Monroe-Cassel, TLC Family Resource Center
Marion Steiner, Lake Sunapee Bank
Markell Ripps, Grossman & Ripps, PLLC
Michael Baymiller, Hypertherm
Rachel Abendroth, Dartmouth College
Ron Miller, Board Chair, Sustainable Woodstock
Sadie Wells, Mascoma Savings Bank
Shawn Bard, Ledyard National Bank
Sue Nadeau, The Hermitage Club
Terri Decker, Claremont Savings Bank
Tim Condon,  Cook Little Rosenblatt & Manson, PLLC
Tina Stearns, City of Lebanon
Wendy Farnsworth, Dartmouth-Hitchcock

Class of 2015

Alijah L Swasey, Kendal at Hanover
Brandy Blackinton, Claremont Savings Bank
Deborah J. Mozden, Turning Points Network
Havah Armstrong Walther, Special Needs Support Center
Heather W. Prebish, Recover Together
Duncan McCutchan, Jarvis Hill Farm
Jim Larrick, Mascoma Savings Bank
Jed Putney, Mascoma Savings Bank
Karen Ganey, Henderson Tree Service and Creative Lives
Kathy Labbe
Laurie Sepulveda, Grantham Village School

Miranda Pizinger, Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Nicholas A Fiore, Engineering Ventures
Paula Maville, City of Lebanon
Robert Starkey, Hypertherm
Samantha Estes, Hanover Consumer Co-op
Shanon Hounshell
Shawn Courtemanche, Harvest Hill at APD
Teresa Thurston, SAU #76, The Lyme School District
Theresa Minelli, Lake Sunapee Bank
William Blaiklock, Dead River Company

Class of 2014

Anibal Sepulveda, Hypertherm
Beth Vessichio, Mascoma Savings Bank
Betsy McClain, Town of Hanover
Cathee Clement, Chrysalis Properties, LLC
Chris Mazurek, West Lebanon Supply
David Brooks, City of Lebanon
Ellie Tsetsi, formerly of Good Beginnings of Sullivan County
Ericka Gray, Alice Peck Day Hospital
Gary Laperle, Dartmouth Printing Company
Hailey Wetherbee, Kendal at Hanover
Ham Gillett, Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste Management
Jacqueline Hill, Morgan Stanley
Janet Miller Haines, Northern Stage
Jason Dacier, Hanover Co-op Food Stores
Jaye Olmstead, David’s House

Justin Provost, Claremont Savings Bank
Kari Jo Grant, Dartmouth College
Kevin Kober, Ledyard National Bank
Laurie Tostenson, Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Linda Miller, Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Lucinda Walker, Norwich Public Library
Mike Kenney, Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Mollie Naber, Self Employed
Richard Hoffman, Hartford School District (HACTC)
Sarah Brock, Vital Communities
Sue Bryan, Lake Sunapee Bank
Susanne Abetti, Geobarns LLC
Sylvia Provost, Henderson’s Tree Service LLC
Tom Yurkosky, Consultant

Class of 2013

Suzanne Bissonette
Sarah Blum, Montshire Museum of Science
Chris Collier, VINS
Joan Collison
Mike Conway, Means of Production
Timothy G. Draper, Ledyard National Bank
Gordon P Ehret, Hypertherm
Laurie Gelb
Shannon Green, Green Woodlands
Reginald Greene, Claremont Savings Bank
James B. Grossman, Ottauqueechee Community Partnership

Pete Helm, Squam Lake
Sherry A Jones, Mascoma Savings Bank
Justine R. Labonte, COOP Foodstores
Amy L. Longmoore, Kendal
Kathy Lowell, Dartmouth Printing
Sheryl A McDevitt, Mascoma Savings Bank
Martha Mott, River Valley Community College
Tad Nunez, Town of Hartford
Catherine Pearson
Elena Petrici
Victoria Pridgen

Class of 2012

Mark Boutwell, Senior Solutions
Stacey Chiocchio, Hypertherm
Elizabeth Anne Clemens, Anne Clemens Communications and Anne Clemens Designs
Matthew Dungelman, Gallagher, Flynn & Company
Suzanna Liepmann, Kayen and Liepmann
Steven Locke
Mollie Martin
Richard Menge, Town of Hartford
Ashley Parker, Kendall at Hanover
Hannah Gelroth, Vermont Institute of Natural Science

Jake Quigley, Ibex
Justin Rendahl, Dartmouth Printing
Dorisann Ross, Lake Sunapee Bank
Elizabeth Schibley, Grafton County Senior Citizens Council
Lori Shipulski, Sotheby’s Realty
Hazel Stone, Connecticut River Bank, NA
Nicole Vecchi, ANSYS, Inc.
Rebecca Vinduska, Copper River Information Technology, LLC
Fred E. Wainwright, Ledyard Bank
Aaron Warner, Good News Training

Class of 2011

Jason Achmoody, Ledyard National Bank
Peter Allison, Upper Valley Farm to School Network
Peter Blodgett, Latham Memorial Library and Peabody Library
Aaron David Brown, Vital Communities
Matthew G. Burge, Hypertherm
Alicia Anne Connors
Lindsey A Camp, Lake Sunapee Bank
James L. Damren, A.B.Gile
Mary Dorman, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Tracy Dustin-Eichler, Dartmouth College
Randall Heller, Upper Valley Ride
Patricia Higgins, Town of Hanover
Richard C Hoffman, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
John Monaghan, New Hampshire State Police

Liam McCarthy, Coldwell Banker Redpath and Company
Michael McCrory, Town of Claremont
Martha Mundy, Mundy Technical Communication
Mara Rae Neufeld-Rivera, Simon Pearce
John James Randolph, Randolph Neuropsychology Associates
David C Richardson, Vox Nile Limited
Jaime Richardson, Claremont Savings Bank
Anna Rubin, Fairbanks Museum
Graziella Saccon, Lebanon College
Demosthenes Sofronas, U.S Postal Service, Retired
Treenen D Sturman
David Watts, Kendal at Hanover
Sperry W. Wilson, Richards Group Insurance

Class of 2010

Dan Collison
Joe Conway, Claremont Savings Bank
Helen Damon-Moore
Evan Duggan, Richards Group
Deane Ilukowic, Hypertherm
Cheryl Lindberg, Mascoma Savings Bank
Chris McInerney, Astonics Corporation
Melanie Moore
Pamela Pantos, Arts Consulting Group, Inc.
Jill Polli, A.B. Gile Financial Services
Regina Rice Barker, Valley Court Diversion Programs

Ira Richards, West Lebanon Feed & Supply
Hunter Rieseberg
Denise Roberts, Claremont Savings Bank
Jona Roberts, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Douglas Robinson, Norwich Police Department
Kipp Ryan, Lake Sunapee Bank
Sherry Thornburg, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Dartmouth College
Bob Walker
Pete Webster, Town of Norwich
Dick Wierwille, West Lebanon Congregational Church

Class of 2009

Catherine Andrew, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Marguerite Bauch, Mascoma Savings Bank
Steven Bingel, West Lebanon Feed and Supply
James Britton, River Valley Community College
Louise Dalton, Timken
Mark Goodwin, City of Lebanon
Stephen Halleran, Town of Plainfield
Sam Hopkins, Dartmouth College

Ann Kitson, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Mike Lavalla, City of Lebanon
Deb Prior, Upper Valley Credit Union
Sheila Rook, Lake Sunapee Bank
Dan Stannard, Ledyard National Bank
Jolene (Jodi) Tenney, Claremont Savings Bank
Gabe Zoerheide, Winter Ridge Farm

Class of 2008

Stephen Bentley, Upper Valley Community Credit Union
Dean Cashman, Lake Sunapee Bank
Christi Cohen, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Judy Filkins, SAU 88
Brenda Freeland, Dartmouth College
Helen Hong, Twin Pines Housing Trust
Lisa Johnson, Yummy Yammy

Peter Kulbacki, Town of Hanover
Jon Liland, Sheehan, Phinney, Bass + Green, PA
Gregg Mandsager, City of Lebanon
Kelly Murphy, Claremont Chamber of Commerce
Karen Slayton, Mascoma Savings Bank
Steve Usle, Trumbull-Nelson
Philip Wyzik, West Central Behavioral Health

Class of 2007

Doree Clifford, Mascoma Savings Bank
Mark Clough, Ledyard Bank
Laura Fineburg, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Lynn Guillette, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Curt Jacques, West Lebanon Feed and Supply

Amy Margolis, Lebanon Property Management, Inc.
Cindi Taylor, West Lebanon Feed & Supply and Taylor Brothers Sugarhouse & Creamery
Daniel Weinreb
Bruce Williams, formerly of Hanover School System