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What's Cooking this Summer

What's Cooking this Summer

  • sausage potato vegetable hash credit Julia A Reed (2)

    One Pot Meal: Sausage, New Potato & Vegetable Hash

    This is my favorite thing to eat in August when corn and green beans are ready, there is lots of summer squash, and new potatoes are just coming in. It’s colorful, full of bright flavors, and totally satisfying for breakfast, lunch, or supper. It’s good cold as leftovers. It practically makes itself, and unlike many […]

  • Corn Pea Zucchini Succotash3 credit Julia A Reed cropped

    Sufferin’ Succotash

    My childhood memories of succotash are not good. I distinctly remember dumping my bowl of succotash in the bushes during an evening picnic when I was around six years old because the mushy tasteless succotash (likely canned) was standing between me and dessert. I discreetly dumped it in the bushes when no one was looking and innocently asked for […]

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Seasonal Cooking Ideas

  • hot-pepper-herb-sauces-credit-julia-a-reed-8

    Using Up Wilty Herbs

    You know those bunches of herbs that collect at the bottom of the fridge crisper? They get wilty and we feel guilty for not having the time and motivation to use them faster. But don’t worry and don’t throw them away. Instead, wash them, compost any yellowed or gross-looking leaves, pat them dry, and toss them […]

  • polenta pie credit Julia A Reed (7)

    Bethany’s Luncheonette: Polenta Pie

    I used to make cooked lunches twice a week for a handful of friends and neighbors. I called it Bethany’s Luncheonette. I would e-mail a menu out Sunday night for Tuesday and Wednesday. Everyone who ordered a lunch got it school-lunch-style in a reusable and returnable container labeled with their name in Sharpie on masking […]

  • IMG_0107

    Zucchini Chard Cakes

    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve shared this zucchini chard cake recipe with folks this summer. I was sure that as soon as I mentioned zucchini I would be greeted with a sigh and eyeroll. “No more zucchini!” they’d say. “We’ve had enough!”   Because, let’s be honest, each summer we all have […]