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The Valley Food & Farm Guide is the Upper Valley’s guide to our delicious farms, food, and farm-based businesses. Find U-Pick, Community Supported Agriculture, farmers’ markets, farm stands, specific products, farms near you, and much much more. Explore the Guide and explore the Upper Valley. Guide listings are free to qualified businesses.


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If your farm is within the towns covered by our service area, you are welcome to a free listing in the Valley Food & Farm Guide.

You are also welcome to a free listing if your restaurant, grocery, cafe/deli, catering service, processing business, farmers’ market, distributorship or specialty food business:

  • is within the towns covered by our service area
  • AND regularly offers local farm products for sale
  • OR is a processing service that’s located outside our service area but regularly uses agricultural products from farmers within our service area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my business qualify for a free listing?

If your farm is within the towns covered by our map you are welcome to a free listing here.

If your restaurant, grocery, cafe/deli,catering,processing, farmers’ market, distributorship or specialty food production:

  • is within the towns covered by our map AND regularly offers local farm products for sale
  • OR is a processor located outside the map area, but regularly use agricultural products from farmers within our map area. 
    (for example, many farmers in our area ship milk to Agri-Mark for use in Cabot products, so Cabot may have a listing, even though Cabot’s offices are outside the area).

Then you are welcome to a free listing here.

What is the Valley Food & Farm Service Area?

The greater upper valley region. See map for towns.

I’m confused and just can’t figure something out. What should I do?

First read the FAQ and see if your question is here. If not, call Nancy with questions at 802-291-9100 ext. 106, or email at

What do I do if I have more than one business?

Only fill out more than one listing if you file taxes for more than one business. Two listings would mean you have two business names.

How do I list my Winter Farmers Market?

Do two separate business listings if you have both a summertime farmers market and a winter farmers market. Be sure to check Winter when asked about the season.

What do I do if my product is not in this list?

If your product fits into one of the categories listed, mark “other” for that category (for example, Other Poultry) and in the description field tell us what other poultry you have available. If the product does not fit into any of the categories, simply type the product name into the provided box near the bottom of the page.

When will my updated listing appear in the Guide?

Your listing will appear in the online Valley Food & Farm Guide within days of when you entered it. Our staff will activate these changes as soon as feasible and will notify you by email/mail once the changes are available to view on this website. You will be listed year round on our website and you may update your listing at any time.

Am I a processing facility?

Check Processing Facility if you are an established facility that processes ingredients, grown or raised in VT or NH, in large quantities. (e.g. cheese maker, commercial kitchen, cider press, wine maker)

Can I use the word "organic" to describe my farm?

You can only use “organic” to describe your farm if you have been certified as an organic farm or if you make less than $5000 in gross sales. See for a description of VT organic certification and for NH organic certification.

What is an "Food Systems Group"?

This is an organization that does not fall into the categories of farm, farmer’s market, grocer, or restaurant, whose activities are related to agriculture, local foods, or sustainability in the region.  Examples would be organizations that  run community gardens, provide resources for farmers, participate in food relief activities, deal with political and legal issues related to agriculture and land preservation, and so forth.


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Becka Warren

Valley Food & Farm Communications Coordinator

Food & Farm

 802.291.9100 x 112

Food & Farm

— Becka Warren, Valley Food & Farm Communications Coordinator

Becka began her farm-related career at the age of 16 on Idyll Acres Dairy in Grafton, Vt., with the vital job of keeping the barn corners clear where the tractor couldn't reach. Now, at Valley Food & Farm since 2012, she fosters relationships that keep agriculture a daily part of community life in the Upper Valley. She works with current and future farmers, businesses, schools, and partners across Vermont and New Hampshire to build connections that support farm viability and keep our landscapes working. Becka believes that real connections to our farmers make us happy and builds projects that can take advantage of that simple premise, whether that means introducing workplaces to farm-fresh delivery, facilitating peer-to-peer learning among farm staff, or helping schools use farms as learning resources. She lived in Seattle for many years, where she worked for the Washington State University Small Farms Program, Cascade Harvest Coalition, Seattle Tilth, and area vegetable farms. Becka is also a writer, founding and writing Ask Umbra at until 2009. She holds a BA from Brown University and lives in Hartland, Vt., with her family.

Beth Roy

Valley Food & Farm Manager

Food & Farm

 802.291.9100 x 105

Food & Farm

— Beth Roy, Valley Food & Farm Manager

Before joining Vital Communities, Beth Roy worked in the environmental and place-based education fields for 15 years in various positions around New England including at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science and as the Director of Education at the Nature Museum in Grafton, Vt. Beth is also on the boards of the Vermont Science Teacher Association (VSTA) and the Vermont State-Wide Environmental Education Programs (SWEEP), a coalition of dozens of individuals and organizations promoting sustainability and environmental education in Vermont. Beth is a New Hampshire native and lives in Hartland, Vt., with her husband and two children. When Beth is not working you will find her exploring the woods around her home with her family or cooking up a new taste test (made of local foods, of course!) for her children.

Nancy LaRowe

Valley Food & Farm and Local First Coordinator

Local First, Food & Farm

 802.291.9100 x 106

Local First, Food & Farm

— Nancy LaRowe, Valley Food & Farm and Local First Coordinator

Nancy joined Vital Communities as the Valley Food & Farm Coordinator in 2014. She works to support and grow our local food system and economy. Nancy has lived, worked, and farmed in the Upper Valley for more than 25 years and believes our community is healthier and stronger when our connections to food and the farms that produce it stay vital.

Nancy's informal job title is Farmer-in-Residence: she also runs Hogwash Farm, a pasture-based livestock farm in Norwich, Vt., that focuses on heritage breed animals. Nancy is on the Board of the Norwich Farmers' Market, and a retired Norwich volunteer firefighter and EMT. She loves puttering in the garden, hiking with her dog, and, of course, bacon.