Sharon Elementary Gardens

Quest with Me: Sharon Elementary School

Just before school started this fall, I visited Sharon Elementary School. I was excited to visit this stop on the Super Quest because I’ve also been working with a 4th grade teacher in Sharon whose class is writing the very first Quest in Sharon, Vermont this year. They are working on it right now–stay tuned later this fall so you can be one of the very first Questers in downtown Sharon.

While I was there, we visited the school’s gardens. Each grade level has it’s own garden plot where students can learn and get their hands dirty.


The gardens were well-tended, even before school was in session! I’ve never seen such a beautiful elementary school garden.


The school also has a production garden for vegetables that are served in the school cafeteria. Now THAT is eating local! (Interested in growing vegetables for your school? Want to incorporate harvest lessons into your classroom? Check out the Upper Valley Farm to School Network!)

Are you registered for the Super Quest? Don’t forget that you can win a prize just for registering your team! We are looking forward to checking off some more autumn stops on the Quest with some apples, pumpkins, and a corn maze–you have until November 1 to complete your Quest.


Quest With Me: Edgewater Farm

I stopped at Edgewater Farm in Plainfield, NH with my daughter last week to check off another stop on the Super Quest. We were greeted by a beautiful lush plants, gorgeous produce, and eager staff who provided us with lots of reading materials to help us on our Quest.

Talia contemplates Integrated Pest Management as we hunt for the solution to this puzzle

Talia contemplates Integrated Pest Management as we hunt for the solution to this puzzle

This Quest is all about Integrated Pest Management (IPM), so Talia and I checked out the plants and greenhouses to learn about insects. This holistic, environmentally friendly approach to pest management reduces the need for chemical pesticides. Edgewater Farm monitors plants to detect problems early, and uses “good” insects to keep the “bad” insects away.

Good bugs rule!

Good bugs rule!

Once we solved the puzzle (it was deceptively tricky!), we went back inside the farmstand to pick up some tasty fruits and vegetables for the week. Talia couldn’t wait any longer, so she snatched a tomato to eat while she toddled through the farmstand.

Enjoying a tasty heirloom tomato

Enjoying a tasty heirloom tomato

Have you registered your team for the Super Quest? Once you’ve completed your quest and solved the puzzle, you will be entered into the grand prize drawing!