Old City Falls Quest

Strafford, VT
Difficulty: Moderate
Special Features: Historical, Natural
Walking Conditions: Trail
Duration: :30
Season: May-Oct


A quiet calming with walk to a beautiful spot with lots of fascinating history.


To get there: Take Interstate 89 to the Sharon, Vermont exit, #2. Go right (or left if coming from the north) on Rte. 132, seven miles over the mountain until you come to a T in S. Strafford. Go left toward Strafford (approx. 2 miles). Go right past the common, (as if headed toward Tunbridge) ? mile, until you reach Old City Falls road on your right (opposite some old abandoned tennis courts). Head up to the top of the hill and just past the bridge at the top on your left is the road to Old City Falls Nature Preserve. It is guarded by a gate during the off season. You may drive in and park or stay outside the gate and walk in. Your Quest begins at the State sign on your right.

Clues and Map

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Created by Meredith Kendall and her day care children, 2012