Questing: A Guide to Creating Community Treasure Hunts

Questing: A Guide to Creating Community Treasure Huntsnewbookcoversm
In this book, Steve and Delia, two experts in community education, explain how individuals and organizations can create and organize permanent quests to foster place-based education, stewardship, adventure, and fun. It is intended to offer inspiration and practical advice for parents, teachers, community group leaders, and others interested in learning about where they live and building community ties through questing. The book presents a rationale for place-based education and quest program goals and objectives that can easily be implemented in any community.

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“This reader is already enthusiastic enough to suggest it to a local neighborhood group.”-Boston Globe

“The timeliness for the new book published by University Press of New England is that more guidelines are needed for an ever expanding diverse community audience to run and participate in quests. Those addressed by the authors include teachers, parents, historical societies, environmental organizations and others.”-Connecticut Valley Spectator (NH)

“Questing is so full of great suggestions that I am motivated to act. I still haven’t found a treasure box, but I’ve hidden one.” -New Hampshire Magazine

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