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Vitality and Resilience, Convening for Change

The Upper Valley of the Connecticut River is made up of thousands of visible and invisible networks of people working together: launching businesses, growing food, creating art, making homes, teaching, healing, caring for the environment, and running the government.

Vital Communities works to strengthen those networks so that our region—69 distinct towns and cities spanning two states, with no single dominant metro area—can thrive. Our staff specializes in convening for change: bringing people together to size up and address our challenges. We have evolved as a hub of initiatives, resources, and working groups in such areas as business vitality, food and farming, energy, transportation, climate change, leadership, housing, and outdoor learning.

Intrinsic to this work is a steadfast commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion so that people of all backgrounds and life experiences are involved at every level; and an ongoing acknowledgment that our office is sited and our work takes place within the sovereign homeland of the Abenaki Nation and People.

Our Mission Statement
Acknowledging This Abenaki Homeland