Upper Valley Adaptation Workgroup

Our mission is to build climate resilient communities in the Upper Valley through research, information sharing, and education.

Let’s Talk About Climate Change!

Effective strategies for productive conversations

Thursday, April 11
4:30 pm – 8 pm
Hypertherm, 71 Heater Road, Lebanon

Join us at our spring forum to learn effective strategies for communicating about climate change. Christa Daniels, PhD from Antioch University, will lead us through a series of exercises that will help you learn how to address common climate change misconceptions, build skills to feel more comfortable talking about climate change with friends and neighbors, and tactfully bring up climate change at the next community party without being a “downer”.

Suggested $7 donation at the door.
Space is limited, registration required.

4:30 pm
 Registration, Socializing, and Light Dinner
5:00 pm
 Welcome and Introductions
5:15 pm
 Common Climate Misconceptions
5:45 pm
 Have a Conversation, Not a Debate
6:30 pm
 – BREAK –
6:45 pm
 Video: “The Secret to Talking About Climate Change
6:55 pm
 Having an Effective Conversation
8 pm
 Wrap Up & Closing Remarks

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Need to contact us?

Paige Heverly
Program Manager
802-291-9100 x114

Alex Jaccaci & Sherry Godlewski
UVAW Co-Chairs


Droughts and Downpours: Managing for Extremes

Check out photos below from our last forum in October 2018.

Attendees learn about rainwater infiltration from the NHDES Soak Up the Rain program

Three groups visit the various stormwater management systems at Hypertherm

Attendees tour the Hypertherm 71 Heater Road facility’s stormwater management systems

John Rooney of Hypertherm leads a tour of stormwater management systems

Stacey Chiocchio of Hyperthem demonstrates how the porous pavement absorbs rainwater

A full house enjoys the presentation portion of the forum!

All photos were taken by volunteer photographer, Rob Strong. Thanks, Rob!

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Looking for more information about our past forums?

We have a complete archive of our past forums on the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Region Planning Commission’s website. There you can access past presentations, watch video from the events, and check out handouts and resources from the forum.

Looking for more resources?

We have a number of helpful resources on the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Region Planning Commission’s website. There you will find regional resources, as well as statewide resources for Vermont and New Hampshire communities.

About UVAW

The Upper Valley Adaptation Workgroup (UVAW) is a bi-state, multi-stakeholder working group of leaders and partner organizations. Started in December of 2011, the workgroup meets monthly focusing on building climate resilient communities in the Upper Valley Region of Vermont and New Hampshire.


Our Working Definition of Climate Resiliency

Climate Resiliency is the ability of a community to anticipate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from climate impacts in a way that minimizes significant disruption to our lives and impacts on our shared resources. This includes our health, safety, built environment, food availability, natural resources, wildlife, and financial strength.

Climate change is not some distant problem – it is happening here and now in the Upper Valley. In recent years, we have seen climate disruptions affect our communities in the form of droughts, deluges, ice and hail storms, intense cold snaps, and sudden heat waves. We must recognize these increasingly frequent extreme weather events for what they are: our new normal. 

Who We Are

UVAW Members

Sherry Godlewski
NH Department of Environmental Services, Co-Chair UVAW

Alice Ely
Public Health Council of the Upper Valley

Michael Simpson
Antioch University New England

Gregory Norman
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Alex Jaccaci
Hypertherm, Co-Chair UVAW

Kevin Geiger
Two Rivers Ottauquechee Regional Commission

Julia Griffin
Town of Hanover

Lizann Peyton
Nonprofit Consultant

Paige Heverly
Vital Communities

Meghan Butts
Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission

Mark Goodwin
City of Lebanon

Rosi Kerr
Dartmouth College

Beth Sawin
Climate Interactive 

Lisa Wise
UNH Extension and NH Sea Grant

Erich Osterberg
Dartmouth College

Jenny Levy

Cameron Wake
University of NH, Carbon Solutions New England

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