Home Heating Efficiency Calculator

How Efficient is YOUR Home?

How to Use the Calculator
  1. Enter your square footage
    (TIP: call your town office and request a copy of your property tax card)
  2. Enter your annual heating fuel use
    (TIP: Look at your old bills or call your fuel dealer)
The form will AUTOMATICALLY calculate:
  • Total Annual BTU Usage (BTU = British Thermal Units)
  • BTUs per Square Foot
Interpreting your “BTUs per Square Foot” Score
  • LESS than 30,000 BTUs/sqft – Your home is already very energy efficient.
  • MORE than 30,000 BTUs/sqft – You probably have numerous cost effective opportunities to improve your home’s efficiency and comfort, such as sealing air leaks, adding insulation, upgrading the efficiency of your heating system, installing a programmable thermostat, closing storm windows, and more.
Now What?

Visit VitalCommunities.org/Energy/Weatherize/Resources to learn about:

  • Common energy efficiency upgrades, including costs and benefits
  • Rebates and low-cost financing programs to help with efficiency upgrades
  • Local professionals who can provide home energy assessments and efficiency services
Ready, Set, Calculate!

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