The annual “Community Energy and Climate Action Conference” is coming up on Saturday, December 7th. If you care about helping Vermont take bold action on climate and clean energy, you don’t want to miss it!

The daylong event takes place at the Lake Morey Inn in Fairlee and the focus this year is on better aligning the goals of a broad range of key constituencies to tackle the challenge of climate change. Vermont has set an ambitious state goal to meet 90 percent of our energy needs in 2050 with renewable energy. This goal is an imperative for the planet and people’s pocketbooks. To achieve it, however, Vermonters will need more strategic coordination among diverse constituencies, greater synergy between local efforts and state action and bold policy-making.

A broad, diverse and engaged network of Vermonters is imperative to help Vermont do far more — far faster — on clean energy and climate change solutions. This event is a great place to help make that happen, offering tremendous networking opportunities, roundtable dialogues, 14 workshops, exhibits from leading clean energy businesses and organizations and more.’s Executive Director May Boeve — a young, articulate and effective climate leader (with strong Vermont roots!) — will be the keynote speaker.

Oh, and there’s a yummy largely local lunch!

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