Modern Wood Heat

Automated, high-efficiency, heating – good for our environment AND our local economy

What We're Doing

Wood Heat Roundtable – November 2016

Vital Communities hosted a roundtable discussion for energy commitee leaders on the topic of modern wood heating. CLICK HERE to view notes from that gathering.

Wood Heat Forum – September 2015

Vital Communities hosted a public Modern Wood Heat forum in September 2015 – video from the event is available courtesy of Bob the Green Guy. Participants included:



Overview of Modern Wood Heat, 2015, Northern Forest Center

Map of Upper Valley Modern Wood Heat Installs, 2016, Northern Forest Center

Upper Valley Wood Heat Financing, Northern Forest Center. Last updated November 2016. Summary of programs and incentives available in Vermont and New Hampshire, and at the federal level.

2015 Modern Wood Heat Benefits to New Hampshire, 2016, NH Wood Energy Council. Analysis of the impact (economic and environmental) of all commercial and industrial modern wood heating in New Hampshire in 2015.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Wood Pellet Heat in the Northern Forest, 2016, Northern Forest Center. Independent research commissioned by the Northern Forest Center.

Heating the Northeast with Renewable Biomass (One Pager) – A Bold Vision for 2025, 2010, Biomass Thermal Energy Council

Full Reports

Heating the Northeast with Renewable Biomass, 2010, Biomass Thermal Energy Council

Biomass Heating in Upper Austria, 2010, O.O. Energiesparverband (Energy Efficiency Association of Upper Austria)

Case Studies

Request for Proposals used in switching the Lyme School in Lyme, New Hampshire from oil heat to pellet heat in 2013.