Energy Efficiency in Your Small Business

Save energy, lower your bills! Your utility company offers incentives for completing efficiency upgrades at your small business. The Vital Communities Energy Program can help you figure out which upgrades make sense for you and your business, no matter how big or small an investment you want to make.

Think about where your business could save on energy.
  • Take a look at your annual utility bills
  • Refer to the average energy consumption for commercial buildings in New England (right).
Click on your state below to see what programs are available to your business.
  • There are opportunities in each area to save energy and lower your bills.
  • Utility programs make it easier for small businesses to reduce the cost of energy improvements.

Average Energy Consumption of New England Commercial Buildings

meta-chart (4)(Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption, New England 2012)


New Hampshire