We thought we’d share a story and resource from our partners at VECAN (Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network) and Waterbury LEAP (Local Energy Action Partnership). ENJOY!

Solar Decision Tree to Help You Go Solar!

There has been tremendous solar growth in Vermont recently, with 100 percent of new electricity coming online from solar in 2013 − which explains why the state has taken the top spot for solar jobs per capita in the U.S. Much of this growth is a result of communities taking action across the state, helping to chart the course, streamline the process, and share their experiences.

Waterbury LEAP has been working hard on solar, having doubled their residential solar capacity last year while also spearheading solar projects in town and at the local schools. Through their experience, they’ve created a handy resource for others interested in going solar. Whether you want solar photovoltaics or solar hot water on your home or business, or are interested in hosting a solar array on your property, the Solar Decision Tree can help you quickly navigate the process of going solar. Thanks to Waterbury LEAP for their great work and sharing this excellent resource with all.

Click here to download this one-page Solar Decision Tree.