Financing Your Residential Solar PV Installation

Financing is an opportunity to make going solar more affordable for some homeowners. We’ve talked with a lot of lenders, installers, and customers about financing solar in the Upper Valley. Here’s some of what we’ve learned:

General Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Some lending institutions offer loans specifically designed for energy-related projects, like installing a residential solar system. There are several energy-specific loan options available to residents in the Upper Valley.
  • In addition to energy-specific loans, customers can access more traditional lending options (e.g. unsecured personal loans, home equity loans) through virtually any other bank or financial institution in the region.
  • Customers must meet credit and income requirements to be eligible for any loan. In some cases, the interest rate and term depend on customer credit, amount borrowed, and other factors.
  • Visit potential lenders’ websites to get more information or, in some cases, begin the loan application process online.
  • Be sure to speak with a knowledgeable loan advisor about your specific situation to determine what financing options make the most sense for you.
  • Because the appropriate loan type often depends on the amount being borrowed, it is helpful to have a cost estimate from an installer prior to seeking approval for financing.
  • Some solar installers have relationships or experience with certain lending institutions and may be able to help direct you to appropriate financing resources.
  • In sharing general information about specific lending institutions, Vital Communities and Solarize Upper Valley are in no way endorsing or recommending particular financing partners or products. As with any contract you may enter into, we urge you to read and understand the “fine print” and seek expert advice as necessary.

Energy Specific Financing Options in the Upper Valley

These are the options we know about; let us know if you know of anything we might be missing.


Loan Type and Key Points


National bank with renewable energy loan products available in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Solar StepDown Loan – Fixed interest rate, flexible loan term, up to $25,000 secured

SolarPlus Loan – Additional loan of up to $15,000 (up to $7,500 unsecured) to supplement Solar StepDown Loan

To learn more or apply, click here to visit their website or call 800.398.8472

A mutually savings bank founded in 1907 rooted in and serving the local community.

Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Loan – Fixed rate with lower rate than standard personal loan, up to $15,000 unsecured.

To learn more or apply, visit or call 800.992.0316

Community bank serving Vermont and New Hampshire.

Energy Efficient Home Loan – 10 year, fixed rate loan secured by the borrower’s home. Loans available up to 80% of home value, rate equal to Home Equity Loan rate.

To learn more or apply, visit or call 800.936.7730

A mutually owned bank with no stockholders, focusing on what is best for our customer and community.

Solar Equity Loan – 10-year, fixed rate discounted from standard Home Equity rate, up to $50,000

To learn more or apply, contact:

A nonprofit organization serving homeowners in Vermont.

Home Energy Efficiency Loan – 10-year unsecured loan for up to $15,000; Must live in Vermont and have completed a home energy audit

To learn more or apply, contact:

nsb logo

A mutually owned Vermont bank donating 10% of profits to community organizations.

Home Equity Energy Improvement Loan – Fixed rate loan of up to $30,000 for 10 years

Energy Improvement Loan – Unsecured personal loan, up to $8,000 for seven years

To learn more or apply, click here to visit their website or call 800.NSB.CASH

PACE logo

Property Assessed Clean Energy

Available only in Vermont in select towns (click here to view list). Administered by Efficiency Vermont.

PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) – Allows residents to borrow money for energy-specific home improvements (including solar) and tie the payments to the property rather than the homeowner.

To learn more or apply, visit


Must live or work in New Hampshire or meet certain other criteria to become a member.

Energy Loan – Fixed rate with lower rate than standard personal loan, up to $20,000 and 60 months unsecured

To learn more or apply, click here to visit their website or call 800.936.7730


Vermont State Employees Credit Union

Anyone who lives or works in Vermont can become a member. (You need not be a state employee)

VGreen Energy Improvement Home Equity Loan – Fixed rate, choose from discounted and longer-term options, flexible terms

VGreen Energy Improvement Loan – Fixed rate consumer loan, up to 15 years, $30,000 maximum

VGreen Energy Improvement Balloon Loan – Fixed rate consumer balloon loan, 20-year amortization, 15-year maturity, $40,000 maximum

To learn more or apply, click here to visit their website or call 800.371.5162

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