Solarize Kearsarge - October 2014 through January 2015

Volunteers in Andover, New London, and Wilmot teamed up in the fall and winter of 2014-2015 to help residents go solar. The deadline to sign up was January 31.

Together, we helped 38 homes go solar!

We had enough aggregated solar to get us into the lowest tier of pricing through our partner installer, ReVision Energy. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!

Stay Informed!

The Andover, New London, and Wilmot volunteers aren’t stopping here. They will continue to use their Solarize contact list to connect residents with local energy-related news and opportunities. Email Larry Chase of Andover of Bill Spear of New London to be added to that list and stay in the loop.

It's Still a Great Time to Go Solar

Any installer will give you a site visit and quote for free. Get started by contacting an installer in your area. You can download our list of installers in the Upper Valley, or look for others in VERMONT or NEW HAMPSHIRE. Feel free to request multiple quotes and compare your options. 

Resources for Going Solar

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— Sarah Brock, Energy Program Manager

Sarah Brock joined Vital Communities in 2013 as our Energy Program Manager. Through her work Sarah provides support for our region’s 40+ local energy committees, engaging with dozens of volunteers and clean energy businesses in programs like Solarize Upper Valley, Weatherize Upper Valley, and the Upper Valley Green Real Estate Network. Prior to joining the Vital Communities team, Sarah was an Environmental Philanthropy Associate with the High Meadows Fund, a supporting organization of the Vermont Community Foundation. Sarah now lives in Warner, New Hampshire, with her husband Zach and her chickens. When she's not busy advocating for energy efficiency, Sarah enjoys playing the trombone and taking walks in her backwoods to look for signs of New Hampshire's abundant wildlife.