Solarize Toolkit

Launch a Solar Campaign in Your Community

Solarize is a proven model for motivating your neighbors to go solar.
Most towns more than double their number of existing solar homes in less than a year.
  • A volunteer team provides outreach and education about solar energy
  • A partner installer provides pricing discounts on residential-scale solar installations
  • A deadline motivates residents to take action
  • As more people sign on to go solar, the price goes down for everyone
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Solar Campaign Timeline
Note: If you want to complete a solar campaign before the federal tax incentive expires in 2016, you should begin as soon as possible
and host your kick-off event between March and May.
Questions to ask before you dive in:
  • Are there volunteers willing to plan and implement the solar campaign?
  • Are there installers within an hour’s drive of the community?
  • Have community members already expressed interest in solar energy?
  • Are there other groups in the area that are interested in solar energy?
  • Is the community large enough to support a successful solar campaign? Are neighboring communities interested in partnering with us?