Weatherize Upper Valley 2018 – Vermont 

Working together to help you save money and stay warm

Our 2018 Weatherize campaigns are drawing to a close.
Check back for your community’s real-time progress in the charts below!

What does it mean to “Weatherize” my home? 

  • Most home weatherization projects focus on air sealing and insulation, two cost effective ways to increase comfort and reduce energy costs.
  • Weatherization can also help resolve issues such as ice dams, mold, air quality, moisture, and drafts.
  • Every home is different, so cost, savings and benefits can vary. According to Efficiency Vermont, an average weatherization projects might cost $7,800, earn a $1,500 rebate, and result in 26% energy savings.



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2018 Weatherize Vermont Teams

Woodstock, Pomfret & Bridgewater

Events & Announcements

Thanks to everyone who attended our Kick Off Event!

If you weren’t able to attend:

  • Scroll down to learn more about your partner contractors
  • CLICK HERE for information on costs & benefits
  • and check out our financing resources HERE 

Volunteer Team

Our team of volunteers from Sustainable Woodstock is here to help.  Contact us anytime – Zach Ralph – 802.457.2911 –

Springfield & Chester

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Events & Announcements

Thanks to everyone who attended our Kick Off Event!

If you weren’t able to attend:

  • Scroll down to learn more about your partner contractors
  • CLICK HERE for information on costs & benefits
  • and check out our financing resources HERE 

Andover residents welcome, too. Though our program is focused on Springfield and Chester, our contractors have agreed to extend the free home visit offer to Andover residents also. Contact for more information.

Volunteer Team

Our team of volunteers from Chester and the Springfield Energy Committee is here to help. Contact us anytime:

  • Springfield: Char Osterlund, 802.885.5115,
  • Chester: Tim Roper, 802.875.3058,
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2018 Weatherize Vermont Contractor Team


Based in Williston and White River Junction, VT | Founded in 2007 | BPI since 2002 while still part of sister company Northeast ConstructionBPI-Certified since 2008

Building Energy is a comprehensive energy service company focused on reducing the carbon footprint of buildings through conservation, efficiency and renewable energy. We possess the vision and expertise to deliver green products and services in-house including energy audits, insulation, weatherization, solar systems and cold climate heat pumps. ()

Teams Served

  • Woodstock, Pomfret & Bridgewater

Based in Lebanon, NH | Founded in 2011 | BPI-Certified since 2015

Earthshare Construction is a full service Green General Contractor.  In addition to weatherization projects in both Vermont and New Hampshire, we also do new High Performance homes, additions, renovations, and remodeling.  Our knowledge of home performance and building science allows us to deliver beautiful, comfortable, efficient, and durable projects.

Teams Served

  • Woodstock, Pomfret & Bridgewater

Based in Putney, VT | Founded in 2003 | BPI-Certified since 2007

Serving Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts since 2003, Farnum Insulators has become the area’s trusted leader in home weatherization.  With a team of experienced building analysts, trained and certified installers, and thoughtful consultants, Farnum Insulators tailors its projects to the unique needs of each home and owner, to assure maximum comfort and efficiency.

Teams Served

  • Springfield & Chester

Based in Montpelier, VT | Founded in 2008 | BPI-Certified since 2008

W.A.R.M. VT is a full service weatherization contracting business. We conduct the initial energy audit, perform all needed air sealing, utilize any insulation product desired by the client, diagnose and mitigate moisture issues, and provide all of the products and services needed to make your home more safe, comfortable, and energy efficient.

Teams Served

  • Woodstock, Pomfret & Bridgewater
  • Springfield & Chester

Based in Hartland, VT | Founded in 2004 | BPI-Certified since 2007

Van de Ven Construction focuses on small to medium size projects with a specialty in insulation and standing seam roofing.  Our crew of six consists is a blend of licensed insulation installers, carpenters, and roofing specialists.  We own spray foam and roofing equipment which eliminates the need to subcontract.

Teams Served

  • Woodstock, Pomfret & Bridgewater

Based in Chester, VT | Founded in 2006 | BPI-Certified since 2008

Vermont Foam Insulation (VFI) started as a spray foam contractor in 2006. In the years since, we have grown substantially and now offer a full gamut of insulation services and energy efficiency contracting. Our goal is to increase the efficiency, durability, and comfort of each building that we work on.

Teams Served

  • Woodstock, Pomfret & Bridgewater
  • Springfield & Chester

Frequently Asked Questions

Do renters qualify for energy efficiency incentives?

There are many low-cost improvements a renter can install to increase the efficiency of their home. Here is a guide for renters seeking to save energy and stay warm this winter, compiled by Efficiency Vermont.

For larger investments, renters will need to talk to their landlord. You will need to connect your landlord with Efficiency Vermont. They’ll be able to point your landlord to rebates and other attractive products that make it financially viable to increase the efficiency of your home.

Can small businesses or nonprofits participate in Weatherize?

Efficiency Vermont has a program for “small commercial” energy users that can help businesses and nonprofits reduce their heating and electricity use.

Visit Vital Communities’ Small Businesses Resource Page for a breakdown of available programs and next steps.

I have questions about the Weatherize "Questionnaire".

Visit our Weatherize Questionnaire homepage for instructions on how to complete the questionnaire (online or on paper) and an entire set of “Frequently Asked Questions” specifically related to the questionnaire.

You can also contact Paige Heverly at Vital Communities if you don’t find what you are looking for –, 802.291.9100 x114

What are the Weatherize deadlines? What do I have to do by when?

You must fill out your Home Energy Questionnaire by March 31 in order to request your FREE walk-through.

After your walk-through is complete and you have your work proposal, you must commit to completing energy upgrades by May 31 in order to qualify for Weatherize cash prizes.

Do I have to choose one contractor?

All Weatherize contractors are:

  1. Certified by the Building Performance Institute
  2. Part of Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network and able to help you secure rebates and financing through Efficiency Vermont
  3. Able to provide comprehensive home energy services

Your goal: choose a contractor you like and trust. They will all do good work for you. So who feels like a good fit?

Tips for choosing a contractor BEFORE you complete the Weatherize Questionnaire:

  • Explore the contractors’ descriptions and websites, listed below
  • Call one or more contractors and get to know them a little before you make your choice. You might ask what they specialize in, what their approach is, what makes them unique?
  • What are the issues you most want to address in your home? Energy costs? Comfort? Ice Dams? Are there non-energy improvements you would like to take care of at the same time? Ask your contractor if they can help with more than just energy.

Do I have to choose just one? You are, of course, free to request home visits from as many contractors as you choose. However, many people choose to have just one home visit and there is really no reason you should ever need more than two.

What happens during the free professional home visit?

Your home visit will take between two and three hours and you should be present. The contractor will want to take a look around your home, especially in your basement and attic.

Essentially, the contractor is trying to determine how much air is leaking in and out of your home. They may bring along an infrared camera, which will show where cold air is coming in and where warm air is escaping.

After the walk-through, the contractor will give you a work proposal that will tell you how your home is currently performing and where there is room for improvement, with a quote for completing the necessary work.

Do I have to do EVERYTHING my contractor recommends? It seems like a lot...

No. You can narrow (or add to) the scope of work your contractor gives you. They are capable of tailoring the work scope to meet your priorities and budget. You should not hesitate to contact your contractor if you are concerned about the cost, size, or scope of the improvements recommended for your home– they’ll work with you to make sure your project is in line with your expectations.

How long will this process take, start to finish?

This process will likely occur over the course of a few months.

After you submit your Home Energy Questionnaire, your selected partner contractor(s) will contact you within three business days to schedule your FREE professional walk-through. Your contractor will try to fit you at the earliest convenient time for you both. You need to submit your Home Energy Questionnaire to request your walk-through by March 31.

Once your walk-through is complete, your contractor will deliver a proposal with a scope of work and quote within about two weeks (this could take longer depending on how busy your contractor is– they will communicate with you if they expect a delay). You may want to narrow your scope of work or ask your contractor to do additional work– that’s fine. Just talk to your contractor about your needs, your budget, and your priorities to make sure you’re getting exactly what you expect.

Commit to completing energy upgrades on or before May 31 and be entered to win a Weatherize cash prize of $500. Work can be, and likely will be, completed after May 31. You will schedule when work will be done with your contractor. Many home weatherization projects are completed in the fall (especially attic work!).

What should I expect when the contractor comes to actually do the work?

You and your contractor will choose a time-frame that works for you both. Depending on the project size, the work could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

You should talk with your contractor so you know exactly what to expect, but they may:

  • ask you to clear your belongings out of the work area (like attics and basements)
  • bring a work crew of a few people to complete the job
  • be using noisy equipment, especially for installing sprayfoam or blown-in insulation
  • require the work area to be ventilated, especially if working with sprayfoam

Be sure to clarify what work will be done and how it will affect you and your household. Establish clear expectations BEFORE your project begins to avoid any surprises.

What if something goes wrong?

All contractors have work guarantees. You should thoroughly read your contractor agreement to ensure you understand what protections they offer BEFORE your project work starts. The best thing you can do is to have clear expectations for your contractor BEFORE your work begins. Doing so will avoid miscommunication and save you time in the long-run.

If you aren’t satisfied with your contractor’s work, Efficiency Vermont has a quality assurance process to address your concerns and ensure the work was installed to a satisfactory level.

How does the Weatherize prize drawing work?

If you commit to completing home energy upgrades by May 31 you will be entered to win a Weatherize cash prize of $500.

Each Vermont team (Chester-Springfield and Woodstock-Pomfret-Bridgewater) will have one winner. So, there will be two Vermont winners and five total Weatherize prize winners!