LFA Service Providers

There are many ways to find members of Local First Alliance. If you need a business or service provider, we have an easily searchable online directory of all our members. But, if you aren’t tech savvy or would like to detach from your smartphone, it’s just as easy to take a stroll down a main street and look for our Local First Alliance logo. This logo means you are doing business with a store or service provider that is committed to reinvesting in our Upper Valley region.

Local First Alliance member Lake Sunapee Bank has been a local institution since 1868 and a new face on Hanover Main Street since last spring. Among other things, their mission statement notes their responsibility to be an active participant in, and advocate for, community growth and prosperity.

“It starts with the sticker on the door to remind people we are a local community bank. Someone comes in to get a business loan with us and we have our standard underwriting policy, but we know who they are in the community and the decisions are made here – locally. ‘Growth’ means we are all in this community together. They are banking with us, we are shopping with them, and what goes around comes around. Our money stays here.” – Dean Cashman, Vice President of Commercial Lending at Lake Sunapee Bank and Chair of Local First Alliance Steering Committee

Like many Local First members, Lake Sunapee Bank helps fund our region’s charities. They currently support more than 50 local charities and organizations such as Friends of Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Northern Stage, and the Upper Valley Humane Society. Our members know that it’s important keep our money and hard at work in our home towns. Together we can be the growth we want to see in our local economy. To find other local businesses committed to a vibrant Upper Valley, visit our online directory.

Update Your Branding, Style and Technology

Now that we’re through the holidays, it’s time to turn to local service providers to help us fulfill some of those holiday resolutions. Maybe your plan for 2015 is to be more tech savvy, or to get that start-up business off the ground. Local First Alliance members can help update your branding, style, and technology while supporting our local economy.

For more than 25 years, Systems Plus Computers in Lebanon, New Hampshire, has been the Upper Valley’s source for computer products and services. Did you get some holiday gadgets you aren’t quite sure how to use? Not to worry. Systems Plus has a staff of trained IT professionals that will gladly guide you through new computer setup, upgrades, data migration, and conversions. And if you didn’t get the gadget you were hoping for, Systems Plus has it.

As a Local First Alliance member, Systems Plus has also made a commitment to reinvest your hard-earned money into the community by donating to more than 100 local organizations every year! Owner and Local First Steering Committee member Jake Blum also works to assist charities and nonprofits with computer and IT requirements through contributions, reduced pricing, and technical support.

Another Local First member who is paying it forward is Erika Gavin, owner of Erika Gavin Designs. Her long list of skills includes branding, art direction, publication design, illustration, photo editing, and corporate marketing. Like Jake, Erika works to give back to the community using her unique set of skills and is responsible for the creation of our beautiful Local First Alliance logo. Erika knows how to make your business marketing dollars count when it comes to the appearance of your business and brand. As a member of the community, she also has a unique understanding of our Upper Valley market and the design needs of a small, local business.

Be sure to search our online directory for other Local First Alliance members who can help you check off the New Year to-do list and keep our community strong, sustainable, and vibrant.

Reinvesting In The Community

Local First Alliance strives to help our community understand how local, independent businesses benefit the Upper Valley economy. We frequently say that local businesses reinvest in the region and provide jobs, but they also create a supportive network for other area businesses, nonprofits, and charities.

Local First Alliance member Great Eastern Radio, based in West Lebanon, owns 16 stations spanning Central Vermont, New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, and the Upper Valley. Whether you’re looking for oldies, talk radio, or the best hits of today, Great Eastern has it all.

What it also has is a vested interest in our community. Great Eastern has dedicated countless free and discounted hours to promoting our region’s charities and nonprofits big and small.

“Reinvesting our time in the communities we serve is important, from food drives for local food pantries to children’s charities, including new initiatives in place this year for groups like 68 Hours of Hunger, 2015 is becoming a launching pad for great platforms like our “KIXX Cares for Kids” campaign, a yearlong effort embracing all areas of needs for children in our region,” said Nichole Romano, marketing director at Great Eastern Radio. “Great Eastern Radio is pleased to be a member and partner with Local First Alliance, with its focus on Main Street businesses and community minded efforts.”

Another Local First Alliance business doing its part to support our region is Norwich-based, Nomad Communications. This homegrown firm, with a team including a few four-legged friends, works to expand the reach of its clients through creative marketing. Nomad has large international clients, but with a base in the Upper Valley, the team has a unique grasp of our region’s marketing needs and enjoys working locally for our small businesses. You’ve likely seen Nomad’s eye-catching designs – including in logos and campaigns for Kimball Union Academy, Lake Morey Resort, Vermont Village Applesauce, Vermont Button Cookies, and Vital Communities – and not even known it. We encourage you to join us in our efforts to support local businesses that give back to the community and keep our Upper Valley vital. To find more great local businesses, check out our online directory.