Growing Our Community and Building a Better Upper Valley

Local businesses are the lifeblood of our Upper Valley economy. It’s not just that 45 cents on the dollar stays local when spent locally (compared to 15 cents), it’s also the accountability that comes from living in the same town as the business you own.

Our Local First Alliance members have a vested interest in seeing our region thrive because it’s their home too. This inherent sense of responsibility manifests in many ways. For some of our members, it means re-investing in our schools and charities, for others it represents environmentally friendly business practices.

Local First Alliance member Chippers is dedicated to providing high quality service to customers while upholding their strong commitment to the people and environment of the Upper Valley. A tree and lawn care company, Chippers began in Woodstock, Vermont, in 1986 and boasts an impressive list of professional arborists, gardeners, landscapers, and forest specialists. Their slogan states, “We’re all about your life outside,” but it would seem that they are actually “all about our community in the Upper Valley.”

Impressively, Chippers donates to over 40 charities and nonprofits throughout the region. Active in many youth initiatives, such as Change the World Kids and Project Grad, they proudly display the winning student artwork from Local First Alliance’s High School Communications Competition on the backs of their garden trailers. Speaking of their fleet, Chippers’ emphasis on environmental responsibility means they continually update their trucks with fuel efficiency vehicles. You can feel good about using this Local First member since they have community support AND green policies written directly into their mission statement.

Another Local First Alliance member doing their part reduce their environmental impact is LaValley Building Supply. Preferred Building Solutions, a division of LaValley’s, manufactures energy efficient modular homes here  in Claremont, New Hampshire. These innovative houses provide a 45% savings in heating and cooling costs each year.

LaValley’s also makes it a point to give back to a variety of organizations across the board, supporting family programs like those at the Montshire Museum, the arts scene at the newly renovated Northern Stage, or helping end sexual violence and domestic abuse through the Turning Points Network. LaValley’s promises their customers competitive pricing and a store where we you’ll find “Neighbors…Building a community together.” There is nothing more local than caring for your home and the people in it. 

With spring finally here, these two improvement specialists are guaranteed to get you ready for summer and have you feeling good about supporting our local businesses. For more great stores, restaurants, and service providers, visit our searchable online directory.

Remember to keep it local and look for the logo – Local First Alliance.