Member Resources for Holiday Promotions

Trying to compete with box stores and online retail advertising budgets ability to dominate many marketing channels means that locally owned businesses need to be creative and work collaboratively. Plaid Friday and Cider Monday are grassroots campaigns that have spread nationally and are a good way to combat Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturday is an American Express initiative that provides outreach and resources for participating vendors. Local First Alliance will be promoting all of these local focused shopping days with our general outreach and marketing.

November 24
Plaid Friday

Plaid Friday started as answer to Black Friday. The name is based on the concept of plaid fabric where each thread is interwoven with others much like how independent small businesses are an integral part of the fabric of the community.

Many communities nationally celebrate shopping local on the Friday after Thanksgiving with in-store events, social media contests, and other creative ways to engage customers. Local First Alliance will promote your store events and be hosting a ‘plaid photo’ photo contest. This is still in development – stay tuned for more info.



November 25
Small Business Saturday

American Express’ “Shop Small” campaign is in its 7th year and reported $15.9 billion spent at independent retailers and restaurants on the day in 2016. Learn about how your business can use the vast marketing network of American Express and other resources they have developed and provide for free.

November 27
Cider Monday

Cider Monday initiated by a New Hampshire based Local First group- Monadnock Buy Local and Toadstool Bookshop, an independent bookstore. The idea came about as a rebuttal to Cyber Monday by highlighting the expert service and relationships that are part of the local shopping experience. The businesses offered free cider to customers and other in-store events which is something online retailers can not do.

Local First Alliance will be promoting any and all events you have built around Cider Monday or any of the above campaigns, so let me know what you have going on.