Exciting TLC Projects to Fund!

Invest in your community and contribute to these exciting campaigns!


Whaleback Base Lodge Energy Efficiency Updates, Enfield

You might not know this, but Whaleback is run by The Upper Valley Snow Sports Foundation (UVSSF), a nonprofit entity, with the mission to support and enhance an affordable, healthy, and sustainable snow sports experience in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont. UVSSF members first came together in the spring of 2013 on the heels of Whaleback Mountain LLC shuttering operations. Like our fellow residents, we recognize the importance of Whaleback as a community asset.

Whaleback needs to perform repairs on the base lodge and want to invest in energy conservation practices. Our energy efficiency goals will help us become more environmentally friendly, improve comfort within the lodge, and to save money!


Closing the Food Waste Loop with Willow Tree Community Compost, White River Junction

Our mission is to build community while creating compost. Similar to how a willow branch, when stuck in the ground, will grow into a tree, I’m hoping that each Willow Tree Community Compost member will become more strongly rooted in the community and share in a more sustainable lifestyle. The positive environmental impact of diverting waste from the landfill, reducing CO2 emissions and creating a nutrient-rich soil amendment for gardens, will go hand in hand with creating connections in the community. I envision gatherings and events that will bring members together and building business partnerships that benefit all parties. As we grow, we will also be creating local, green jobs.

To expand our operation and be able to serve more of our community, we need to grow! We need buckets, infrastructure, and a trailer to deliver the food waste to Sunrise Farm!


Close the Loop with Compost at Sunrise Farm, White River Junction

Sunrise Farm in White River Junction is creating an on-farm compost system that will take in food waste from the community and transform it into compost that will be incorporated into the farm’s soil to grow more vegetables that further nourish the community. Sunrise is working to build the physical infrastructure needed to compost food scraps from the community to build healthy soil on the farm, divert food waste from the landfill, and strengthen the connections between the farm and community.



Food for Thought: The Growing Peace Project, Topsham

We are a peacemaking, social justice, and youth activism educational nonprofit in Topsham, Vermont. Our youth collaborate in cross school teams to develop and implement action plans that address community issues they care about including food insecurity. We have a free food teaching garden that has been serving our food insecure neighbors for the past nine years.

We’re raising funds to support our Food For Thought free food teaching garden and youth activism programs. Funds raised will allow us to purchase equipment, hire help, add more workshops, and partner with local farms.


Mascoma Friends Feeding Friends Expansion, Canaan

The Friends of Mascoma Foundation is committed to combatting food insecurity in the Mascoma Valley Regional School District (MVRSD) through the Friends Feeding Friends program. The program operates two food pantries in Canaan and in Enfield, plus is the primary source of food and personal hygiene items for the pantry located inside Mascoma Valley Regional High School. Pantry shoppers can come once a week for a three-day supply of food. We have refrigeration, so we focus on fresh produce, meats and dairy products as well as non-perishables. We also supply food for snacks, backpacks, family food boxes as needed and other pantry items to the elementary and middle schools. 

For the past several years a generous private donor has allowed us to use their vehicles, including a van and trailer, for food distribution. Use of these vehicles is essential to our Friends Feeding Friends program and it’s time for us to get our own wheels!


Coming Soon!
These projects are gearing up
to launch TLC campaigns in 2020:


Amplified Arts Toybox Theater, Claremont
Amplified Arts LLC, is a collaborative arts venue in downtown Claremont. Our mission is to provide Sullivan County an inclusive venue that is a space to explore, create and share extraordinary arts.

“Toybox Theatre Project’ will be a communal early arts experience designed for young artists ages 6 month to 3 years and their caregivers. The ‘Toybox Theatre Project’ will provide a creative play venue for young artists and their caregivers, to explore and create through creative play and shared performance art experiences


Kiss the Cow Farm Wholesale Expansion, Barnard
Kiss the Cow Farm is a Barnard, Vermont organic, grass-based dairy selling raw milk and ice cream from our small herd of Jersey cows.  We also raise and sell pastured eggs, chickens, ducks, and turkeys.

Our mission:
1. Feed our community excellent, local food
2. Preserve and improve the land and soil that sustains us
3. Pass on this knowledge and experience to others who want to learn about this lifestyle.
4. Earn a sustainable wage

We want to bring Kiss the Cow Farm’s ice cream to area co-ops and stores making it easier for customers to purchase our amazing grass-fed ice cream. We are hoping this expansion will lead to adding 1+ local jobs, improving Kiss the Cow’s top and bottom lines, and helping to secure the continuation of our mission.


la Collina Vineyard Winery, Barnard
Vermont is rapidly becoming a well-known wine region. However, most of the 30 vineyards are conventionally farmed, using chemicals in the vineyards and in the cellar. There are a small number of vineyards farming organically and biodynamically, earning a world-wide reputation for serious, sustainable farming techniques in cold climates and we are one of them!

Our vision: A community winery for creating raw, organic Vermont wine. We have planted two biodynamic vineyards in Barnard and now we need a winery!