UV Indie Economic Impact Survey

Calling All Locally Owned and Independent UV Retail Stores and Restaurants!

Vital Communities has commissioned an Independent Economic Impact Study that will give us data on the impact of locally owned retail and restaurant businesses on the UV economy. We know that local businesses are the backbone of our economy by creating jobs, creating unique downtowns, and support our communities with donations of time and money. We want to learn the exact ecnomic impact- the real data- to share in our outreach and marketing. We need your help to get accurate data, so we can tell the story of why keeping dollar here, especially now, is more important than ever!

All information is confidential and will only be shared in aggregate.

Why should you participate? 

State, Federal, and private COVID-19 funding will continue to roll-out through the coming months; data such as that provided by this study will inform policy and funding decisions as we move forward. Baseline data on the economic impact of local businesses allow all of us – you, consumers, funders – to make more fully informed decisions about what to do with our money.

How can you participate?

  • Complete the survey – a minimum of 10 complete survey responses are needed for each jurisdiction – 10 for New Hampshire, 10 for Vermont, with at least three in each sector (retail and restaurant). In order to add the county level to the analysis, we would need the same for each county. 
  • Share your information – in order to make a productive economic impact analysis “sensitive and proprietary information” is required. This information is provided directly to Civic Economics, is completely confidential, and is not seen by anyone outside of Civic Economics. The only information shared publicly is the name of the participating business as will be noted in the final report.

What financial information should you have in hand?

  • What was this business’ total revenue in the most recent complete fiscal year pre-COVID?
  • What percentage of total revenue was paid out to locally-based OWNERS in the form of profits, dividends, wages, or other disbursements in that year?
  • What percentage of total revenue was paid out to EMPLOYEES in the form of wages, benefits, and other disbursements in that year?
  • What percentage of total revenue did this business spend to procure services from other local businesses ( a rough guess is close enough)?
  • What percentage of total revenue did this business spend to purchase locally-produced goods for resale in this business?
  • What percentage of total revenue did this business donate to charitable causes within the study area in that year?

Given the volatility of the 2020 economic picture thus far we are seeking data from (and subsequent analysis will be based on) 2019 financial information.

When is the deadline?

All completed surveys must be received at Civic Economics by August 21.

Where is the survey?

The survey can be accessed at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VitalCommunities


Contact Erika Hoffman-Kiess at erika@vitalcommunities.org