Ledyard National Bank

Ledyard Bank

Ledyard National Bank has been an Upper Valley institution since opening in 1989. Now with seven branches and two Ledyard Financial Advisors offices across the region, the Local First Alliance member strives to give back to the community through a variety of innovative programs. Through a recent campaign encouraging customers to switch to e-statements, for each conversion Ledyard donated a tree for planting in conjunction with the Connecticut River Watershed Council. The bank has also rolled out a new mortgage product to support the purchase of manufactured homes; geared toward low- to moderate-income households, the program serves an often overlooked population in the region. These are just two examples of how the bank helps customers in the local community “Plan well. Live well.”

Three Tomatoes

Three Tomatoes and North Road Sugar Works

Local First Alliance businesses strengthen the Upper Valley economy not only through their own work but by supporting each other. Three Tomatoes Trattoria in downtown Lebanon exemplifies that practice. With the belief that “living and working in the community is a privilege,” Three Tomatoes Trattoria provides a gathering place where neighbors and friends can connect over fresh, authentic, simply prepared Italian meals in a casual atmosphere. The restaurant takes pride in sourcing ingredients from local farmers and producers, and actively participating in the good work that best serves the people who live in the Upper Valley.

Another Local First Alliance member, North Road Sugar Works in Vershire, is a new nonprofit organization aimed at establishing an educational sugarhouse while stimulating the local economy and community. Founder Marc McKee, who has 25 years of experience sugaring at Vershire’s Mountain School, is working to build an efficient, sustainably constructed sugarhouse that can serve as a model for “responsible” sugaring and open up discussions about the impacts of climate change on maple trees, “the love and lore associated with maple production,” and the challenges for the industry moving forward. Look for North Road Sugar Works to open (fingers crossed) in Spring 2015.

Local First Alliance

A. B. Gile and Nomad

When Local First Alliance asks you to “remember to keep it local,” we aren’t talking just about shopping. Many of our LFA members are service providers who know what it means to be an active part of the Upper Valley community. These businesses may not sell a physical product, but you can count on their local expertise when it comes to hiring a professional in a specific field.

Based in West Lebanon, NH, A.B. Gile provides insurance coverage to both private individuals and business clients throughout the Upper Valley and greater New England area. This Local First business offers a commitment to its customers that stems from a deep understanding of our specific region. Living and working alongside their clients and employees for generations has fostered a deep sense of dedication to their community. Founded in 1871, A.B. Gile has been meeting the insurance needs of area residents for over 140 years, now supporting and insuring over 75 locally based non-profits!

Local First member and service provider Nomad Communications strives to meet the unique marketing needs of its clients through humor and hard work. Located in Norwich, VT, this business supports area non-profits and has a soft spot for four-legged companions. On any given day, three to four canines can be seen “enhancing” the creative energy at Nomad or warming an office couch. Nomad Communications is a particularly crucial local company, as it works to support other area businesses with everything from market research and strategy to product launches and branding.

Local First Alliance is proud to represent so many members that make our economy strong. These businesses and their employees are a part of the neighborhoods and towns we call home. Choosing to use a Local First Alliance business is making a choice to reinvest in your community and keep your money hard at work in our region. For more Local First Alliance members, please visit our local directory. We thank you for your continued support of our members and our Upper Valley economy.

Co-op Food Store

Co-op Food Stores

Local First Alliance represents business members who have made it their mission to see the Upper Valley economy thrive. These businesses don’t just come and go with no vested interest in our region; they put down roots and increase the vitality of our towns. Long time Local First Alliance member, Co-op Food Stores, is one shining example of what can happen when citizens come together to do what is best for a community. For over 75 years, the Co-op Food Stores have made it their priority to support local agriculture, provide job opportunities, and reinvest in our regions’ charities. This is all made possible by the belief that through cooperation and shared resources, we can improve our standard of life.

“Since our founding in 1936, the members of our cooperative have made a concerted effort to buy local products. We have long understood the importance of keeping dollars at work in the local economy. Shopping locally is the best way to do that. The Co-op’s support of Local First Alliance is a natural extension of our commitment to the Upper Valley region. Education is primary to the mission of Local First Alliance. By fully supporting that effort, our Co-op helps residents find locally owned sources of clothing, food, fuel, and services. Local First Alliance is great for the economy we all share.” – Allan Reetz, Director of Communications at the Co-op Food Stores.

LFA is made strong by its members and grows stronger every day by community members choosing to shop locally so help us spread the word! We thank you Co-op Food Stores and thank you to all of our members who have made it a priority to further our mission of a vital Upper Valley region.



Before you know it, fall will be here and winter weatherization projects will be upon us. COVER Home Repair is a Local First Alliance member that embodies a commitment to seeing our community thrive. This non-profit organization addresses the urgent home repair needs of low-income, disabled and elderly residents of the Upper Valley. Funded by proceeds from their ReCover Store on Main Street in White River Junction, and aided by volunteers, this LFA member strives to bridge the gap between neighbors of diverse economic backgrounds.

“It’s valuable to COVER to be a part of Local First Alliance because there is a shared vision of building community and honoring direct connections in our local economy. These connections make way for lasting relationships to be created and fostered. We value that Local First Alliance gives COVER an avenue to be an active participant in weaving the fabric of a more supportive and conscious local culture.”- Sarah Blum, Volunteer Coordinator, COVER Home Repair. Local First Alliance businesses, like COVER Home Repair, are keeping our money working in our hometown economy.

A Local First business makes a commitment to reinvest in the Upper Valley because they have a vested interest in seeing our community thrive. Whether you are looking for affordable used building materials at ReCover, or just looking to give back, keep Local First Alliance’s non-profit organizations in mind and rest assured that your money will be well spent.

Jakes Market

Jake’s Market & Deli

Jake’s Market & Deli has been a Local First Alliance member since 2010. Aside from offering fresh made Deli sandwiches, baked goods, and ice cold soda or beer (check out the innovative pick-your-own six pack), Jake’s Market provides a local business establishment that is committed to our region. In 2011, Jake’s Market was awarded the Rotary Club of Lebanon, New Hampshire’s annual Ethics Award for their dignified and respectful treatment of their employees and patrons. Jake’s Market is also reinvesting in our community through charitable contributions and active volunteerism in programs such as Meals on Wheels. Jake’s Market and other locally based businesses care about our region because they have a vested interest in seeing it thrive. When you choose to patronize a Local First Alliance business, you are perpetuating a thriving local economy and strengthening our Upper Valley. So, the next time you run out for some lunch meat or weekend refreshments think about where that money goes. How much of it stays here? With a Local First Alliance business like Jake’s Market & Deli, you know it will stay hard at work in the communities we call home.

Chippers, Inc.

Mundy Wilson, Owner of Chippers Inc., not only supports our economy but also serves on the steering committee for Local First Alliance. Chippers (for those who have yet to use their extensive services) is a business made up of top industry professionals specializing in almost every possible need pertaining to the outdoors. Mundy and her team of local Arborists, Turf Specialists, Garden Designers, Landscapers, and Foresters are on a mission to care for and preserve the natural beauty of the Upper Valley region. From residential to commercial, Chippers not only does it all, but makes it a point to utilize and practice environmentally friendly methods. This Local First member strives for and encourages waste reduction, recycling and reuse at every level of operation, working to ensure a more ecologically responsible future. Chippers will continue to provide jobs and reinvest in our community because it will always be their home too. Join Mundy and the Chippers crew in supporting a strong Local First Alliance.

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