Mundy Wilson, Owner of Chippers Inc., not only supports our economy but also serves on the steering committee for Local First Alliance. Chippers (for those who have yet to use their extensive services) is a business made up of top industry professionals specializing in almost every possible need pertaining to the outdoors. Mundy and her team of local Arborists, Turf Specialists, Garden Designers, Landscapers, and Foresters are on a mission to care for and preserve the natural beauty of the Upper Valley region. From residential to commercial, Chippers not only does it all, but makes it a point to utilize and practice environmentally friendly methods. This Local First member strives for and encourages waste reduction, recycling and reuse at every level of operation, working to ensure a more ecologically responsible future. Chippers will continue to provide jobs and reinvest in our community because it will always be their home too. Join Mundy and the Chippers crew in supporting a strong Local First Alliance.