Co-op Food Store

Local First Alliance represents business members who have made it their mission to see the Upper Valley economy thrive. These businesses don’t just come and go with no vested interest in our region; they put down roots and increase the vitality of our towns. Long time Local First Alliance member, Co-op Food Stores, is one shining example of what can happen when citizens come together to do what is best for a community. For over 75 years, the Co-op Food Stores have made it their priority to support local agriculture, provide job opportunities, and reinvest in our regions’ charities. This is all made possible by the belief that through cooperation and shared resources, we can improve our standard of life.

“Since our founding in 1936, the members of our cooperative have made a concerted effort to buy local products. We have long understood the importance of keeping dollars at work in the local economy. Shopping locally is the best way to do that. The Co-op’s support of Local First Alliance is a natural extension of our commitment to the Upper Valley region. Education is primary to the mission of Local First Alliance. By fully supporting that effort, our Co-op helps residents find locally owned sources of clothing, food, fuel, and services. Local First Alliance is great for the economy we all share.” – Allan Reetz, Director of Communications at the Co-op Food Stores.

LFA is made strong by its members and grows stronger every day by community members choosing to shop locally so help us spread the word! We thank you Co-op Food Stores and thank you to all of our members who have made it a priority to further our mission of a vital Upper Valley region.