Village Green Publishing (VGP) owner Jennifer MacMillen is an Upper Valley native with a passion for connecting people with the best of their communities. Her three publications in the region—The Norwich TimesTvgp-papershe Quechee Times, and The Lebanon Times—share good-news-only stories of the “good people, good places, and good things happening” in the communities they serve.

With features on “village elders,” students, community nonprofits, the arts, and engaged citizens, Village Green’s quarterly newspapers help residents get to know their neighbors and find inspiration in the stories and opportunities they present. Dedicated community members write the articles and share their photos, and sponsoring businesses in the region ensure each resident, business, and organization in town receives a copy delivered directly by mail.

This Local First Alliance member’s main objective is to provide a storytelling outlet—a kind of collective community journal. Every person, every business, every building has a story to tell, and Village Green Publishing provides the vehicle to share those stories that often go untold or only available to subgroups within a community.

More Good News

In addition to the quarterly print publications, VGP will be hosting a monthly talk show on the Upper Valley’s own community television channel, CATV. Aptly named, The Village Green will engage individuals and groups from around the Upper Valley in conversations about what’s working and what’s good in our region. The Village Green conversation show—and each of the print publications—is designed to inspire and invite community members to see and really focus on the good stuff that happens all around them every day.

Visit the Village Green Publishing website for schedule and programming information.

VGP welcomes topic suggestions, story ideas, and recommendations for individuals and organizations to feature. Please contact Jen MacMillen at or call her office in downtown White River Junction at 802.698.8184 with ideas!