If you missed the LFA Lunch & Learn series, here is some useful information shared at these sessions.


Energy $avings for Small Businesses focused on business cost reduction through increased energy efficiency.

A look at the breakdown of energy usage for New England Commercial Buildings gives business owners an idea of what is likely utilizing the most energy in their establishment. As anyone who has spent a winter in the Upper Valley could guess, the largest percentage of energy was spent on heating. The percentage spent on heating is truly astounding- 43% of ALL energy is spent on heating, more than double the next closest energy sector!!

These are several programs available to small businesses in the region to get rebates for efficiency across multiple utility companies. A valuable tool to identify programs that could be useful to your business is the Small Business Energy Efficiency GuideIf you have specific questions about available resources to make your business more energy-efficient, email Paige Heverly, the Energy Project Coordinator. 


On August 13 Doug Lufkin, Lufkin Graphic Designs, put on a great presentation, Web Marketing for Small Businesses. Doug took the complicated world of  Search Engine Optimization and almost made it easy to understand. The bottom line is that a small business should consider who you want to visit your website and then select a few words or phrases that your perfect customer would likely type in the search box and then be sure to include those words in your website, blog posts, and on social media.

Engagement is also an important factor that will affect your visibility online. Comment, like, respond with all online engagement opportunities as a way to boost your ranking in search engines.