Local First Alliance is proud to represent so many members that make our economy strong. Retail stores are the businesses that many people think of when “shopping locally first”, but the professional services-including accounting, insurance, and banking are critical to making our local economy hum. John Ring CPA, A.B. Gile, and Ledyard National Bank provide expert professional and banking services while supporting our communities.

John Ring, CPA

John Ring, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), is the definition of a vested Local First Alliance member. What sets John apart from others in his field are his devotion to the Upper Valley and his connection to its heritage. He has lived in the Upper Valley for more than 40 years and is proud to be an 11th generation Northern New Englander. Born and raised in Claremont, N.H., John has been a CPA since 1971 with an office in Hanover.

“Local First Alliance matches my personal beliefs as a local”, says John. “I only represent local clients and I’m happy when they’re successful. I’ve experienced first-hand what happens when we lose our local businesses and only focus on price and convenience.”

Aside from calling this area home, John makes a concerted effort to shop at, and do business with, other Local First Alliance members and locally based businesses. John@JohnRingCPA.com


Based in West Lebanon, NH, A.B. Gile provides insurance coverage to both private individuals and business clients throughout the Upper Valley and greater New England area. This Local First business offers a commitment to its customers that stems from a deep understanding of our specific region. Living and working alongside their clients and employees for generations has fostered a deep sense of dedication to their community. Founded in 1871, A.B. Gile has been meeting the insurance needs of area residents for over 140 years, now supporting and insuring over 75 locally based non-profits!


In addition to providing banking services across the Upper Valley, Ledyard National Bank supports our community in numerous ways including generous contribution to charities, arts & culture, and community development.

Ledyard charitavble giving

Remember these backbone local economy partners when searching for these professional services. Keep it local and look for the logo!