Locally owned businesses strengthen our community in many ways including  job creation, tax dollars, charitable giving, economic vitality, responsive customer service, and community character. Local First Alliance business owners live in our communities and are our friends and neighbors that are invested in making our community better and helping neighbors in need.

Simple Energy proved this community commitment during the cold snap that hit the Upper Valley this winter. The Simple Energy team worked day and night helping it’s customers and neighbors with all of the crises that can happen when temperatures stay below zero (way below zero) for weeks.  Frozen pipes and emergency fuel deliveries were not uncommon during the cold snap which meant that the Simple Energy crew was answering calls and sending out trucks 24 hours a day to help their customers in need. Communities pull together in times of stress and Simple Energy answered the call.

Best photo of Tom and Pat McNamara

Tom & Pat McNamara, McNamara Dairy

In December, another business in need called on Simple Energy to help them out of a bind and replace a failed boiler in less than 36 hours just a few days before Christmas. Watch a great testimonial from McNamara Dairy about how neighbor helping neighbor is an important aspect of our community and makes the Upper Valley an amazing place!

This is why we are excited to celebrate Simple Energy as February Business of the Month!

Congratulate them for being the BOM by visit Simple Energy on Facebook and share a comment about your Simple Energy experience.

For a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to January BOM Trail Break taps+tacos or a fashionable Simple Energy hat,  snap a photo of Simple Energy in your community (truck, delivery hero, etc), post it to their Facebook page. Most popular photos win!!

Simple Energy