April 15, 2021: “Putting Your Money to Work Locally: Investing Clubs 101”

Interested in investing locally but don’t want to do it alone? Investment clubs pool money to collectively invest in local businesses and bring a social aspect to the process – they make investment fun!

In this presentation, Matt Cropp from the Vermont Solidarity Investment Club speaks about the ins and outs of starting your own investment club, as well as some ideas about what to look for if you want to join an established club and increase your power to do good by investing as a group.


April 8: “Investing in Home Creation”

Investing for Home Creation
Thursday, April 8, 5:30 pm

The Upper Valley faces a shortage of housing, particularly in the lower-cost sector, that’s affecting our ability to be a vibrant, equitable community. This session discussed how even small investments can help address this shortage and bring about financial, social, and environmental rewards: more diverse, full-service communities, more homes closer to workplaces and served by mass transit, and a more stable workforce for employers.

Our team of expert presenters was:

  • Ken Wells,  Chief Retail Lending Officer, Mascoma Bank, on how local banking creates local homes
  • Jennifer Hopkins, director of Single-Family Housing at NH Community Loan Fund, on current projects that are creating more affordable places to live
  • Will Belongia, director of VT Community Loan Fund, on  how individuals can get tax credit for participating in home creation
  • Jen Risley, manager of The Local Crowd Monadnock, on crowdfunding projects that are creating homes.

If you are ready to take action, or have more questions, here are the people to contact:

Here is a link to the slides the presenters shared.

You can also check out impacts in these reports:

In the chat, Matthew Dow mentioned that his company, MTD Building, is working on renovating low-cost apartments in Canaan. If you would like to learn more about that, you can reach Matt at mdow@mtdbuilding.com or business partner Holly West at hspwest@icloud.com.

Additional Local Investing Resources

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