The Vital Communities Transportation Program convenes the Upper Valley Transportation Management Association (UVTMA), a membership-based group of workplaces, transportation providers, municipalities, and planners. Dues-paying members are eligible for customized programs and services for their town or workplace.

Join us to help solve the transportation challenges affecting the Upper Valley. E-mail Bethany to learn more about becoming a UVTMA member.

UVTMA Steering Committee

  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock: Dan Dahmen
  • Norwich: Phil Dechert
  • Hanover: Carolyn Radisch
  • Lebanon: Rebecca Owens
  • Hartford: Matt Osborn
  • Dartmouth College: Patrick O’Neill
  • Enfield: Scott Osgood
  • Lyme: Daniel Brand
  • New England Transportation Institute: Matthew Coogan
  • Plainfield: Betsy Rybeck Lynd
  • Lebanon School District: Wanda Hastings
  • Hanover Bicycle/Pedestrian Committee: Scot Drysdale
  • Advance Transit: Van Chestnut
  • Resource Systems Group: Ben Swanson, Steering Committee Chair
  • New Hampshire House of Representatives: Patricia Higgins
  • Hypertherm: Stacey Chiocchio
  • Hartland Energy Committee: Karl Kemnitzer
  • UVLSRPC: Meghan Butts
  • TRORC: Rita Seto
  • SWCRPC: Jason Rasmussen
  • Southwestern Community Services: Terri Paige
  • Stagecoach: Jesse Davis
  • Vital Communities: Bethany Fleishman