Are you a Vermonter who would like to see better bike and pedestrian infrastructure in your town? Funding for this is available through the VTrans Bicycle and Pedestrian Program to local governments, transit agencies, school district or schools, and regional planning commissions. Talk to your selectboard, town planning staff, school administrators, etc. and urge them to apply!

The intent of the VTrans Bicycle and Pedestrian Program is to improve access and safety for bicyclists and/or pedestrians through the planning, design, and construction of infrastructure projects. Applications are due by Wednesday, September 30, 1 pm.

The Bike/Ped Program provides funding for either a scoping study or a design/construction project for one or any combination of the following facilities:

  • Bicycle lanes (on-road facility delineated with pavement markings and signs)
  • Shoulders (generally a minimum of 3-feet wide to accommodate bicyclists)
  • Sidewalks
  • Pedestrian crossing improvements, including median pedestrian refuge islands
  • Pedestrian signals
  • Improvements that address requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Shared-use paths (for both bicyclists and pedestrians)

Projects with the following emphasis will be considered favorably if they:

  • Address a documented safety concern such as a high-crash location
  • Connect to existing bicycle and pedestrian networks
  • Are accessible from village centers and downtown areas
  • Serve multiple uses; e.g., access to businesses, homes, and schools

For a copy of the VTrans 2020 Bicycle and Pedestrian Grant Program Guide and to access the application materials, visit the VTrans Bike/Ped Program website.   You may also obtain a copy or ask any questions about the program or application process by contacting Jon Kaplan by phone at (802) 498-4742 or email at