Hugh rides his bike to work three to four times a week. He catches a ride to the Norwich Park & Ride from his home in Thetford and rides his bike in to his office year round. That’s right. All year round. During the snowy season, he puts “snow tires” on his bike. The tires are knobby mountain bike tires with studs. Hugh knows there are other year round riders out there too; he sees their tracks.

Most important to biking to work, any time of year, is to make yourself visible to drivers. Hugh recommends a bright headlight in the front, and a flashing red light in the back. Reflective jackets are essential too. Hugh even got a helmet liner; it is not only bright orange, but it keeps the cold air out of those holes in the helmet. For Hugh, the benefits of riding his bike to work include “not putting more CO2 in the air.” And he describes himself as some one who needs to move, and riding his bike the 6 1/2 miles each way provides him with exercise for his body and spirit!