Kristi Veverka, Hypertherm employee, committed to try taking the Connecticut River Transit bus to work last summer. Although she was “really feeling out of my comfort zone” on the first day — she got lots of help and advice from other bus riders. Since then Kristi has striving to ride the bus 5  times a week. Kristi says, “I find riding the bus so relaxing. I am taking a class right now and have lots of reading to do so the bus gives me a perfect opportunity to get a couple of hours of reading in each day. I would have a hard time doing that otherwise. Also, I purchased an i-Pad and it is awesome on the bus. I have 3G coverage almost the entire ride. The money I save on riding the bus more than pays the monthly cost to have the i-Pad.”

Hypertherm pays for 50% of Kristi’s bus fare. Kristi still needs to drive 5 miles each way to the Park & Ride at exit 8, but she saves driving the 38 miles every time she takes the bus in to work.  Other Hypertherm associates also ride the bus, Tony Bertone, Barbara Churchill, Scott Hagland and Jeff Page, and  there is room for more.