About VTEN

The Vermont Transportation Efficiency Network (VTEN) is a group of advocates, planners, and providers working together to reduce negative impacts and improve efficiency in Vermont’s transportation sector.

Formed by the High Meadows Fund in 2010, VTEN is now convened by Vital Communities and provides a forum for transportation professionals to network, discuss opportunities, and celebrate success stories.

Our next (virtual) meeting will be Wednesday, February 3, 2021.


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Partner Updates Fall 2019



October (Barre)

Topic: Advancing TDM Outreach for 2020


Whether you’re a business that wants to help its employees save on commuting or you’re an interested citizen who wants to make your community more efficient, the following resources can help.

Tool for Estimating Vehicle Trip Reductions

This document provides guidance on how to estimate vehicle trip reductions from Transportation Demand Management (TDM) measures implemented for new developments. These estimates may inform adjustments to any impact or mitigation fee paid under Act 250 and/or Act 145 proportional to traffic generated by the site. NOTE: This guidance provides a tool to help estimate the potential reduction in vehicle trip generation for TDM strategies in different contexts but is not an adopted policy or standard of the Vermont Agency of Transportation.

Location Affordability Map (Northwestern Vermont) 

This story map (produced by Vermont Natural Resources Council and Chittenden County RPC) depicts affordability by location and includes some descriptive maps showing how the location of affordable housing related to the location of transit routes.

Map 1 shows project-based units relative to a) proximity to transit and b) transportation affordability by Census block. Map 4 shows both project based and Section 8 choice voucher info. The Section 8 choice vouchers are generalized by Census block.

Sustainable Transportation Vermont

Land use and transportation web resource and blog by VTEN member Julie Campoli, author and urban designer. Become a contributor!

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Past Meetings


October (Burlington)

Topic: Sharing Lessons from Chittenden County: Adapting Urban Solutions to the Rural Context

April (Montpelier)

Topic: Connecting the Dots on Transit


September (Brattleboro)

Topic: Community and Statewide Approaches to Improving Intermodality

January (Montpelier):

Topic: Legislator Meet and Greet & Transportation Advocacy


June (Ludlow):

Topic: Partnering with Municipalities on Transportation Efficiency

January (Montpelier):

Topic: Using Transportation Data to Advance our TDM efforts


January (Rutland):

Topic: Health and Transportation


June (Montpelier):

Topic: Climate Change Mitigation


January (Middlebury):

Topic: Transportation Management Associations (TMAs)

April (Brattleboro):

Topic: Transportation Demand Management Efforts in Rural Areas

December (Newport):

Topic: Economic Development and Transportation Demand Management


March (Burlington):

Topic: Marketing and Policy

June (White River Junction):

Topic: Business Partners

September (Montpelier):

Topic: Vermont State Comprehensive Energy Plan


March (Burlington):

Topic: Behavior Change Case Study Workshops: Smart Commute and CarShare Vermont

December (Montpelier):

Topic: Smart Commute Upper Valley