Farmers have joined together to form the Connecticut River Watershed Farmers Alliance (CRWFA) to promote the importance of the environmental health of the Connecticut River watershed in Vermont and New Hampshire.

The group recently elected a Board of Directors and crafted a mission statement:


January 13, 2016

The economic viability of agriculture in the Connecticut River Watershed is dependent upon environmental practices that improve the quality of its water, soil and air. The Connecticut River Watershed Farmers Alliance (CRWFA) encourages all sectors of agriculture as well as municipalities and others to join in recognizing our shared responsibility to sustain the environmental health of the watershed. Together, we are committed and dedicated to preserving the quality of our environment while maintaining a strong agricultural sector for the economic and social benefit of the region.


1) Proactively address environmental issues, especially water quality, in the Connecticut River Watershed.

2) Build a cohesive group representing a broad spectrum of agricultural operations and community groups.

3) Provide networking opportunities for farmers and community members alike.

4) Help farmers understand environmental regulations.

5) Assist in implementing innovative farming practices through education and possible funding sources.

6) Provide farmers with a support network in the areas of legislative presence, media exposure and social media.

7) Collaborate with other organizations to more effectively achieve these goals.

The group had a well attended kick-off event in December at Norwich Farms. You can read more about the organization and their kick-off event here.

For more information, please contact: Paul Doton: