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  • hot-pepper-herb-sauces-credit-julia-a-reed-16

    Hot Sauce is Cool

    Do you have a handful of shriveled chili peppers at the bottom of last week’s CSA box? And now a new CSA full of more chilies? Make hot sauce and use them up! Late summer and early fall is hot sauce season. Almost all the ingredients you need are available now from Vermont and New Hampshire […]

  • Finished Dish2

    Braised Pork + Cabbage: A One-Pot Late Winter Farmers Market Meal

    Braised Pork & Cabbage: A One-Pot Late Winter Farmers Market Meal  Hi, I’m Bethany, from the Vital Communities Transportation Program. I love food and have sweated, laughed, cried, and hustled til my feet ached in restaurant kitchens and bakeries, so Valley Food & Farm recruited me to write some recipes this spring. I’m thrilled! My posts will […]

  • braising

    Oven Braising 101

    September always bring a pang of nostalgia for our brief and beautiful summers in Vermont, but with the cooler nights, my mind turns towards the comforting cold weather meals of autumn – steaming stews, baked casseroles and roasted or braised meats. Of the latter, braising becomes a “go to” for feeding our a busy family […]

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