FarmRaiser 2014
 Vital Communities invites you to try an alternative fundraiser at your school. Instead of selling candy or other items that your families may not need or want, how about selling locally grown fresh farm products?

  • Align with your school’s wellness program
  • Connect families with local farms
  • Promote the local economy with a FarmRaiser

Last year, seven area schools held FarmRaisers and loved them. We can help 15 new schools this year. Get your school on the list right away.

Learn more on our helpfulFarmRaiser web pages. We have guidelines and all the forms you need to get your FarmRaiser started.

Attend a FarmRaiser Orientation Meeting on Thursday, March 6 from 3:30 to 5:30 here at Vital Communities to get your questions answered and meet other FarmRaiser Champions. Delicious snacks will be provided.

Contact  or call at 802-291-9100 x107 to let us know you are interested or if you have questions