We’ve been talking about greens all month here on the blog. And you’re probably seeing greens everywhere at the market and in your farm shares. But maybe you aren’t so sure the difference between chard and collards or mesclun and romaine. So here is a visual guide to a few of our favorite greens and some info to get you started.

Name: Arugula Season: spring – summer Taste: bitter Cooking Methods: braise, raw (salads), saute, soups, wilt Pairs well with: balsamic vinegar, cheese: goat and Parmesan, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, tomatoesTry:arugula + balsamic + lemon + olive oil + Parmesan OR raw arugula + pears + prosciutto


Name: Bok choy
Season: year-round

Taste: bitter Cooking Methods: boil, braise, raw, stir-fry Pairs well with: ginger, rice, sesame oil, soy sauce Try:bok choy + oyster sauce + mushrooms (stir-fried) OR bok choy + sesame oil + vinegar + scallions (raw)


Name: Collard Greens Season: winter – spring Taste: bitter Cooking Methods: boil, braise, steam, stir-fry Pairs well with: bacon, black-eyed peas, cider vinegar, onions, salt pork,

Try: steamed collard greens + brown rice + black-eyed peas



Name: Dandelion greens

Season: late spring – early autumn Taste: bitter Cooking Methods: raw, saute, steam Pairs well with: anchovies, bacon, Dijon mustard, garlic, onionsTry:steamed dandelion greens + garlic + onion + Parmesan

Name: Kale Season: spring- autumn  Taste: bitter, sweet Cooking Methods: blanch, boil, braise, saute, steam, stir-fry Pairs well with: chicken stock, garlic, nutmeg, olive oil, onions, pasta, red pepper flakes, roasted meats, thyme, tomatoes Try:kale + garlic + olive oil + red wine vinegar OR kale + onions + salt + smoked sausage

Name: Loose leaf lettuce (lettuces in general)

Season: spring- autumn Cooking Methods: raw Pairs well with: apples, bacon, basil, cheese, dill, eggs, mint, nuts, olive oil, parsley, pears, raisins, raw vegetables, sprouts, tarragon, vinegar Try: limitless options here


Name: Mesclun (mixed baby lettuces)

Season: spring       Taste: bitter, sweet Cooking Methods: raw Pairs well with: basil, goat cheese, chives, lemon, olive oil, pecans, shallots, tarragon, vinaigrette Try:mesclun + goat cheese + hazelnuts or pecans

Name: Romaine (Head lettuce)

Season: spring- autumn Taste: bitter, sweet Cooking Methods: grill, rawPairs well with: anchovies, avocados, Dijon mustard, eggs, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, red onions, shallots, vinegar, walnuts



Try:romaine + anchovies + Parmesan cheese OR romaine + capers + garlic + Parmesan cheese + red onions

Name: Swiss chard
Season: year-round    Taste: bitter

Cooking Methods: boil, braise, sauté, steam, stir-fry

Pairs well with: bacon, garlic, lemon, onions, mushrooms, pasta, potatoes, red pepper flakes, thyme, vinegar


Try: chard + bell peppers + Parmesan cheese + eggplant OR chard + red pepper flakes + lemon juice