Growing Change May 16 2

Groovy Growers at Dothan Brook

Dartmouth’s Growing Change was excited to use its grant from Vital Communities this year to carry out the “Groovy Growers” after-school program at Dothan Brook School with 2nd and 3rd graders. The purpose of the program was to introduce the students to plant ecosystems and give them the opportunity to create their own terrariums. During the program, the students discussed the components of a terrarium and the life cycles that occur inside them. They then used their creativity to plan and build their own using mason jars, pebbles, soil, moss, and terrarium plants such as ivies and ficus.

The students were eager to learn about these plants, have a hands-on experience combining all the components of an ecosystem and take them home to care for them and watch them grow. They took home packets that outlined specifications for caring for the terrariums but also had a space where they could track the growth of the plants and record their observations. Overall, the Dartmouth and Dothan Brook students had a lot of fun and created some awesome terrariums! – Growing Change, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH