Salsa Al Fresco

Rutland foodie Randal Smathers contributed some awesome taco related recipes to us this month. Salsa al Fresco – fresh salsa – is the first from his “VerMex” menu. VerMex isn’t a popular Vermont exterminator – it’s the idea that one can create a Vermont-Mexican menu based around the great foods grown and raised right here […]

Beets Margherita

For whatever reason, it seems like beets often get a bad rap. Maybe people think they only come rubbery and syrupy out of a can. But, as I’ve recently discovered for myself – fresh beets are amazing! They have a uniquely sweet, earthy flavor that just can’t be beat. (Ok, bad pun.) Really though, if […]


When I was a kid, I don’t think I thought too much about my food. If I liked something, I ate it. If not, well, I would sit at the kitchen table a very long time until I found a good way to make it disappear from my plate. But maybe if I had felt […]

Two New Salads Featuring Two Exciting Veggies

On Friday, Everyday Chef gave out samples of two salads at Friday Night Live in downtown Rutland. While they weren’t technically dinner salads – our theme of the month- I thought they were great because they utilized two main ingredients that many people are not familiar with – kale and kohlrabi. Despite the unfamiliarity, both […]

A Week of Local Food and Fun July 13-20, 2012

  Friday July 13th,  Friday Night Food Fight and Everyday Chef Taste Test  Watch as three contestants face off live in a locally grown cooking challenge at Friday Night Live in downtown Rutland. And stop by the Everyday Chef table where we’ll be sampling some lesser known, but highly delicious vegetables. Saturday July 14th, Downtown […]

Arugula Stuffed Baked Potatoes

I love arugula. But sometimes I want something a little more substantial than a salad. Here’s a simple recipe combining arugula with another one of my favorites – potatoes.  It’s really just a well dressed arugula salad squeezed right inside of a potato. I find that the spiciness of the arugula pairs well with the […]

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