Planning for the Future in Newbury

We ended the school year with various classes “adopting” raised “laboratory” beds, perennial, and permaculture gardens around the school.  Within these we have a team of students that planted a garden committed to serving our salad bar and lunch programs, another few classes creating food for storage for cooking/baking projects,  a class that planted a butterfly garden- with an off-site milkweed patch to promote monarch habitat, and yet another team of classes planted a “stone soup” garden.  We received funding for a staff member to tend the gardens over the summer months- always a hiccup in the process of gardening at school.  Over time, our school has become increasingly committed to using farm to school curricula to support student learning and engagement.  We also purchased a beautiful new greenhouse kit and will put together a group of staff and community members to erect it so it can begin to be used once school is back in session.

Finally, we’re really excited that we’re sending a team consisting of administrator, parent, chef, and teachers to the three-day Farm to School Institute at Shelburne Farms!  After completing two farm to school grants, our team is poised to create a plan that will allow our program to continue to grow and become sustainable.  We feel very fortunate!

  • Kim Goody, Farm to School Coordinator