Did you know that pizza is the perfect food for using seasonal, local ingredients?  Join Everyday Chef as we explore fast, fun, family-friendly pizza. Throughout the month of September, Everyday Chef will be focused on pizza.  Why pizza? Well  . . . I’m glad you asked:

Why Pizza?

1.  Pizza is versatile.  Put cheese and pepperoni out of your mind!  Everyday Chef pizza is covered with fresh, colorful, beautiful vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  Want a use for that eggplant left in your fridge at the end of the week?  The bell peppers that came in your CSA share?  Sweet onions?  Pears?  Even greens.  Pizza is an easy and tasty way to eat everything local.

2.  Pizza is easier than it seems.  Once you’ve mastered the art of homemade dough, pizza becomes a go-to weeknight meal.  Easy by hand and a cinch with a stand mixer, pizza dough is a must-learn Everyday Chef skill:  You can do it!  And, don’t forget that in a pinch, you can purchase pizza dough in the prepared food section of your grocery store.

3.  Pizza is FUN! Family-friendly and festive, pizza is the perfect meal to bring everyone together.  Invite your kid’s best friends, the neighbors you’ve been meaning to get together with, that old friend who will be in town, and celebrate great food . . . together.

Look for our September cooking demos at workplaces around Rutland, and check back often to learn more tips, tricks, and recipes for amazing homemade pizza.