Here we are, in the dead of winter, yet the animals are responding to the increased day length. Chickens have begun laying eggs again, the chickadees are singing their springtime songs, bear cubs are being born, and us human animals are ordering seeds for our gardens. Third, fourth and fifth-grade students are enjoying the last of the indoor salad greens in Mr. Walker’s room. For two months, kids have been able to pick and nibble tat soi, spinach, parsley, lettuce, and spicy oregano. The oregano and parsley will be transplanted into our pizza garden in the spring. We have noticed that students are putting a fair amount of “edible” food into the compost bucket, such as whole apples, unfinished milk, half a sandwich, salad bar items, etc. “Non-edible food waste” includes food that only a chicken would eat: apple cores, banana peels, raisins that fell on the floor, etc. To conserve money and resources, and practice the art of wasting less, we will begin our Food Waste Reduction Challenge after break.  We will also be selling chili, soup, rolls, and cookies for a Farm-to-School Lunch during Winter Carnival in March. – Kate Reimanis, Newton School, Strafford, VT