Farm to School Committees Get Work Done!

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Last week I joined the Hartland Elementary School’s farm to school committee. Forming a farm to school committee is one of the most efficient ways to plan and deliver farm to school programming. We had a wonderful meeting and left ready to look at enhancing the already wonderful farm to school program. One of the steps we will be working on is planning for the coming year. Planning can be daunting but it can also have huge rewards. Having a farm to school committee in place can help with the development of an action plan for your program. With a well constructed farm to school committee that includes representation from teachers, administration, facilities, and food service your planning process will be inclusive and exhaustive. I would love to be part of more farm to school committees in the Upper Valley and help facilitate the planning process that meets the needs of your school. Please contact me with questions about the process and how your school can benefit.

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