We are getting ready for spring in Hartland!

We are getting ready for spring in Hartland!

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• Our K-2 pod has plants growing for our gardens outside. The plants are growing really fast!
• Our 3-5 pod has planted lettuce inside, using our new grow cart from Cafe Services. This will be our first crop and we hope to be eating it soon!
• The 6-8 pod has planted seeds to get ready for their salsa garden.

Our K-5 students participated in a healthy snack competition and each class kept track of what the children brought in to eat. We used the Whoa, Slow, Go guide to calculate points. The students were really excited and proud of what they brought in for their snacks.

Our 6-8 students participated in our annual smoothie competition. Each advisory picked from a list of healthy foods for ingredients in their smoothies. We had 11 judges pick the top three smoothies and the winners will get to make healthy pizzas for lumch.

During all of these events, we had our annual Health Week where FTS provided some of the healthy snacks we had each day. The last day we had a “bring a fruit to school day” and we ended up with so much fruit that we made fruit salads for all K-8 students.

Farm to School Committees Get Work Done!

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Last week I joined the Hartland Elementary School’s farm to school committee. Forming a farm to school committee is one of the most efficient ways to plan and deliver farm to school programming. We had a wonderful meeting and left ready to look at enhancing the already wonderful farm to school program. One of the steps we will be working on is planning for the coming year. Planning can be daunting but it can also have huge rewards. Having a farm to school committee in place can help with the development of an action plan for your program. With a well constructed farm to school committee that includes representation from teachers, administration, facilities, and food service your planning process will be inclusive and exhaustive. I would love to be part of more farm to school committees in the Upper Valley and help facilitate the planning process that meets the needs of your school. Please contact me with questions about the process and how your school can benefit.

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Farm to School Coordinator


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Starting the Day with a Great Breakfast in Hartland

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The Friday before vacation the first and second graders at Hartland Elementary School participated in a nutritious cooking program. They were learning about chemical changes in science with Mrs. Cramer. This included, going from a solid to a liquid, liquid to a gas and physical or chemical changes. They also learned about important components of a healthy breakfast. They were taught that our bodies need fuel for the day to learn and that we need to start out our day with good nutrition for strong bodies, clear minds, and good moods! They made healthy banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, orange juice, butter, and smoothies.

Each grade made the breakfast and then they sat down together to eat. A great way to celebrate all that we learned!

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Hydroponic Heros in Hartland – ​(UVFTS Mini-Grant Showcase Project)

​Hartland Elementary School is very pleased and excited to show what we have been doing with our mini-grant from UVFTS. We came up with the idea of starting a hydroponics garden and quickly realized that to get it started we really needed to do a lot of research. We have started off small, but since we now have the set up, we are looking forward to making it bigger each year. The students were in charge of the lighting set up, the filtration system, the chemical balance and the planting of the seeds. At this point we have some very healthy looking lettuce and our other vegetables are going to need time to mature, but they are looking very healthy and we look forward to the day when we can pick and eat. This has been a really fun endeavor for all of my students, K-8. – Mary Bojko, Health Educator, Hartland Elementary School, Hartland, VT