Hydroponic Heros in Hartland – ​(UVFTS Mini-Grant Showcase Project)

​Hartland Elementary School is very pleased and excited to show what we have been doing with our mini-grant from UVFTS. We came up with the idea of starting a hydroponics garden and quickly realized that to get it started we really needed to do a lot of research. We have started off small, but since we now have the set up, we are looking forward to making it bigger each year. The students were in charge of the lighting set up, the filtration system, the chemical balance and the planting of the seeds. At this point we have some very healthy looking lettuce and our other vegetables are going to need time to mature, but they are looking very healthy and we look forward to the day when we can pick and eat. This has been a really fun endeavor for all of my students, K-8. – Mary Bojko, Health Educator, Hartland Elementary School, Hartland, VT