Growing Knowledge at Ledyard – (UVFTS Mini-Grant Showcase Project)

At the Ledyard Charter School our classroom greenhouse has been a great success. A variety of students have been able to chip in and help with the chores and planning and learn about self sufficiency and food security through season extension techniques. This is the second year of our greenhouse program and we are refining our craft. This year we have been able to start over 50 tomato plants from seed starting at the end of February!  Many other veggies, including various herbs and flowers have started to come up and decorate our school and improve the air quality in our little classroom.
Recently we took all of the involved students on a field trip to the permaculture educational homestead, D Acres. At D Acres Josh Trout taught our students alternative techniques used in permaculture to make our landscape work for us. We are very appreciative of everything the Farm to School mini-grant has allowed us to do and we hope to grow this tradition further in the years to come. – Matt Stuart, Teacher, Ledyard Charter School, Lebanon, NH