Spring has sprung at Newbury Elementary School!

garden may 16
Spring has sprung at Newbury Elementary School!
There’s been a lot of planning for our “lab gardens” here at NES.  Each classroom has adopted a garden or raised bed.  Our 5/6 team has committed to keeping the permaculture gardens in shape and also the perennial beds around our historic Common.  The K/1 team plans to plant a “5 senses garden”, and a 1/2 class is planning a butterfly garden.  In enrichment, we host gardeners from grades K-6 who have been making good choices in school.  This allows us to work with small groups as we work in the garden spaces.  Students in the 3/4 team have been interviewing our culinary guru, Chef Paul, to plan and plant vegetables that will be used to support the school lunch program.  Also, 3 beautiful laying hens have made their new home in back of our school.  K/1 students have enjoyed learning about their quirky habits and finding eggs each day to use in classroom projects.
Additionally, we have a robust community group that’s committed to “Grow a Row” activities and also helping Chef Paul process vegetables for the upcoming school year.  As you can see, things are really cooking at NES now that spring has finally arrived.  Our best to all of you gardeners out there! – Kim Goody, Farm to School Coordinator, Newbury Elementary School, Newbury, VT


Raising Funds and Spirits in Newbury

Newbury Elementary School hosted the Third Annual FarmRaiser on the Newbury Common in October. Many local farmers were present selling their wares, everything from cheese to vegetables to baked goods and prepared foods and household goods. This fundraiser benefits our local farmers and supports farm to school initiatives in the school. The community embraced the chance to wander through the market making purchases, visit together, take a hay ride, listen to music provided by elementary and high school students and staff, press cider, make butter, and taste homemade soup and bread! Our FarmRaiser is such a hub of positive, healthy community spirit and we thank our Friends of Newbury Elementary School (FoNES) group for doing the immense work it takes to host such an event. November finds us putting raised beds and gardens to bed, making plans for spring plantings, and creating warm and comforting foods for taste tests within the school with our farm to school cooking and baking kits.  Happy November!  Now let’s all hunker down for the long winter!- Kim Goody, Farm to School Coordinator, Newbury Elementary, Newbury, VT

Building Community in Newbury

Things are humming at Newbury Elementary! Our raised beds and gardens yielded some delicious crops for our kitchen: potatoes, squash, onions, carrots, and tomatoes, to name a few. Chef Paul, our food service magician, is ordering a wonderful new food processor with farm to school grant money. His efforts in the kitchen will be so much more efficient with this invaluable tool. Two early primary classes have used our Farm to School cooking/baking kits to share some home-made goodness with a local elderly community. The elders and our young first and second grade students shared reading and conversation, fueled by the healthy goodies. This great idea was spawned by two brand new teachers at NES who are excited about Farm to School and connecting with community. On October 6th, our beloved parent group FoNES, will host the 3rd annual FarmRaiser on the Newbury Common. Numerous local farmers gather to sell their goods all the while fundraising for the school. Music, hayrides, cider pressing and other demonstrations will be featured. Come and join in the healthy fun! It’s exciting to be a part of Newbury’s growing Farm to School program! – Kim Goody, Farm to School Coordinator, Newbury Elementary, Newbury, VT